• Security Update

A Word About Recent CPU Vulnerabilities

You've likely heard about the vulnerabilities recently discovered in the majority of CPUs on the market. These flaws, first discovered by Google's Project Zero, are being called Meltdown and Spectre and take advantage of core [read more]

  • OnLogic UEFI Advanced Main Screen

UEFI: Building a Better BIOS

Before the release of UEFI in 2007, the basic input/output system (BIOS) has been the main fixture in personal computers since the 1970s. Packed into silicon on the PC motherboard, the BIOS detects and initializes [read more]

  • Security Update

Intel AMT Vulnerability Update

A security vulnerability has been discovered in Intel’s manageability firmware, specifically in PCs that support remote system manageability via Intel Active Management Technology (AMT). Your systems or motherboards may be affected. We view our clients’ [read more]

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