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Lisa Talks Fairness, Net Neutrality, and BBQ on the Start Here Podcast

Logic Supply Co-Founder Lisa Groeneveld recently stopped by the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies to record an episode of their Start Here podcast. She spoke with hosts David Bradbury and Sam Roach-Gerber about how Logic Supply came to be, what it means to be a values-driven company and how a commitment to culture helps foster […]

Security Update

A Word About Recent CPU Vulnerabilities

You’ve likely heard about the vulnerabilities recently discovered in the majority of CPUs on the market. These flaws, first discovered by Google’s Project Zero, are being called Meltdown and Spectre and take advantage of core functionality in processor architecture to potentially access information stored in system kernel memory. Ars Technica recently published an in-depth exploration […]

MachineMetrics Software

Powering Innovation: MachineMetrics Industrial IOT Data Analytics

With each passing year, the number of connected devices in the average modern production facility seem to grow exponentially. As the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 usher in an age where manufacturing machines are constantly collecting and exchanging data with each other and operators, managing and reacting to that data is an ever-present […]

Logic Supply UEFI Advanced Main Screen

UEFI: Building a Better BIOS

Before the release of UEFI in 2007, the basic input/output system (BIOS) has been the main fixture in personal computers since the 1970s. Packed into silicon on the PC motherboard, the BIOS detects and initializes devices at startup and accesses the master boot record (MBR) on the hard drive to start the boot process. The […]

Lensec 4G Remote Surveillance

Be an Extrovert IoT Contest Winner: LENSEC Remote Surveillance

Our Be an Extrovert Contest set out to find innovators creating groundbreaking solutions using 4G LTE technology. We’ve selected 5 winning entries to receive free Extrovert 4G LTE-equipped Logic Supply Hardware. Here’s one of their stories. We recently spoke with Almen Didelija, Senior Applications Engineer and physical security specialist at LENSEC. Almen shared details about […]

Be an Extrovert Winners

Introducing the Be an Extrovert Contest Winners

Our Be an Extrovert Contest set out to find IoT innovators creating groundbreaking solutions using 4G LTE connectivity. We received entries from entrepreneurs and established business from around the world interested in harnessing the power of the 4G LTE network to connect devices, provide support, deliver updates and monitor installations of every kind. We’ve combed […]

Intel Replacing Tic Tock Model

Tick-Tock-Toe: Navigating Intel’s Processor Cadence

Intel constantly rolls out new processors to slide into its Core i3/i5/i7 branding scheme. From beefed up integrated graphics, to improved power consumption, CPUs with code names like Skylake, Kaby Lake, and Coffee Lake are raising the bar. But now, Intel’s changing approach to processor releases poses a challenge to hardware users who must make informed […]

Logic Supply Be an Extrovert Contest

Pitch Your IoT Project, Win a Free 4G-Equipped PC

UPDATE 7/19/17: After reviewing entries from around the world, we’ve selected the IoT innovators who will receive free Logic Supply Extrovert 4G hardware. Meet the Be an Extrovert Winners here! Wireless connectivity is a vital part of today’s IoT landscape. We’re currently working with innovators in a wide range of industries who are developing revolutionary technology […]

Security Update

Intel AMT Vulnerability Update

A security vulnerability has been discovered in Intel’s manageability firmware, specifically in PCs that support remote system manageability via Intel Active Management Technology (AMT). Your systems or motherboards may be affected. We view our clients’ security as a top priority and we strongly encourage you to take the appropriate action based on the information below. […]