Here is a quick tutorial for navigating our Web site, and getting the most out of your visit. Whether you’ve just stumbled upon our site from one of our well-placed Google ads (thanks marketing team!) or you are a regular, this should give you a few helpful tips to navigate around our ever expanding Web site.

First off, the general design…

Across the top of the site is the navigation bar, consisting of Products, Systems, Industries, Services, Support, and About. These link to the same content that you’ll find on the left side bar. If you feel like diving right in to our product mix, browse Products, but this may be overwhelming to the Mini-ITX “newbie.” You might be surprised by some of the products we have in the mix (check out Accessories or Flash Storage).

The Industry Solutions section segments our offerings by industry type. Here you’ll learn about some of our customer’s applications that might relate to your project, and we’ll make suggestions on hardware that is typically a good fit and explain why. I find this section to be a good intro into Mini-ITX and its capabilities. Also, check out our FAQ for more general information on Mini-ITX.

Selecting System Solutions will direct you to the preconfigured systems of our site. This section does a nice job at segmenting our machines by their capabilities and processor class. From here, you can dig deeper into each section and explore our offerings. All machines are, by default, configured to the most basic hardware offering, which can be upgraded (using the drop-down lists) depending upon your requirements. This is where things get tricky. The basic system page does not completely disclose all features of the mainboard, power supply, chassis or other accessories. To truly learn about all the features of the system, you’ll need to literally reverse engineer your configuration. Each component in your system will appear elsewhere on our site as a stand-alone product. This product page will have detailed specs, pictures, and downloadable manuals that will allow you to learn more about that particular component of your system. To find that product, you can use our search bar in the top left corner of every page or link to the products section I’ve previously mentioned.

Other helpful tools for learning about our system configurations are the Mainboard Matrix and Case Matrix, found in the Comparison Tools section in the right sidebar. In a matrix style, driven off of selectable drop downs, these two tools can be used to compare the specs of our mainboards and cases, side by side. The Case Matrix is also a very helpful tool for discovering compatibilities between cases and mainboards.

If you are still having trouble coming up with a configuration or discovering a particular hardware’s compatibilities or features, please don’t hesitate to call myself and fellow Technical Sales staff at 802.861.2300 option 1, or e-mail us at We aren’t just hardware resellers, and we can truly be an asset to your project’s success. Give us a call and we’ll talk about your needs.