MSI made some recent changes to its 945GM1 (MS-7265) Mini-ITX mainboard that is worth noting. Apart from the exciting, new green color, it now has RAID 0, 1 support; 2.54 mm pin headers as opposed to the 2 mm pitch pin headers on the previous model; and a low-profile CPU (50 mm x 10 mm x 50 mm) fan that shaves off a few millimeters from the height of the board. The original heat sink/fan combination on the 945GM1 board was a little too tall, preventing it from being compatible in many of our Mini-ITX cases. The new CPU fan is more efficient at cooling those Core 2 Duo Mobile processors, also freeing up some of the earlier chassis restrictions this mainboard faced. We hope to provide customers with new system solutions in the future.

Also, this newer version of the 945GM1 is now the only MSI Mini-ITX Intel-based mainboard that has RAID 0, 1 support, making this an even more versatile, industrial board.

So, with a low-profile CPU fan; pin headers that don’t require extra cabling and adapters; and RAID 0, 1 support, it would seem that this board offers a few benefits over its predecessor. Check back in with us in Q1 of 2008, we might have some system solutions that take advantage of this modest, but helpful, feature set.