Alright, it’s a cheesy pun. But we’re serious: As far as 1U rackmount cases go, the MK100 is so strong and versatile that we can’t imagine why you’d need another. Why’s that? Let’s take a look at the specs.


  • Designed for strength and long-lasting reliability, the MK100 is constructed of high-quality, nickel-plated steel that protects against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

  • To enhance longevity, the case comes equipped with dual 40 mm long-life MagLev fans to provide plenty of airflow across even high-power Core i solutions. Moreover, unique fan mufflers ensure quiet operation and optimize airflow, while also improving reliability by reducing strain on the fans.

  • On top of its inherent solidity, the MK100’s modular design allows for easy customization, with faceplate options including any combination of the following: four 2.5” drive hot-swap bays; an LCD panel with multi-function buttons; and a slimline optical drive. Backplate I/O panels can also be customized to fit the specific needs of any given application, and there are mounting options for any installation.


MK100 With Hot-swap Bays and LCD Display

It’s worth noting that in addition to initial customization, these faceplates can be easily swapped years down the road, in the event that you need different interface options for the same system. And our cases are always brandable.

“We refer to the MK100 as the last 1U rackmount you’ll ever need,” says Chris Hovious, Product Manager at Logic Supply. “Simply put, this is the single most versatile rackmount case I’ve ever seen. I’m very excited to offer it to our customers, and to work with them to mold it to the nuances of their project.”

Designed by Logic Supply’s engineering arm, the MK100 is available immediately, as a case or a system, exclusively from Logic Supply. Custom solutions can be configured at //