AOpen MP965_D

My first blog entry, and I am proud to present the fastest platform I’ve seen of the Mini-ITX family: AOpen MP965-DR. AOpen calls it the MiniPC Duo, which makes sense if you look at its size. Other than that, there is nothing small about it…

This “Mini Power Plant” is driven by one of the newest Intel Mobile Chipsets, the GM965. Intel is also the manufacturer of its brain, the mainboard supports a Core 2 Duo Mobile (Merom) processor, Socket P. For the review purposes, I used the Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile 1.8 GHz T7100 processor, with 4MB of L2 cache. Memory: two slots, up to 4GB of SO-DIMM DDR2 667 with Dual Channel support. There is massive amount of I/O capabilities: HDMI, DVI, S-Video, USB, FireWire and so on. All that and more packaged in a super-compact 6.5″ x 1.97″ x 6.5″ box.

All that high-end hardware functionality is greatly supported by a good amount of accessories shipped with the box: cables, adapters, manual and drivers.


It is not only fast, but most important, energy efficient and quiet. The CPU is using 35W peak and the whole PC is being powered by 90W power supply—four times less power than your standard desktop. It is so quiet (25dB) that every now and then, I caught myself checking to see if it was actually turned on.

Overall, the MP965-DR is everything and more than your regular PC. We, Logic Supply, started to use this as a replacement for the desktop power hogs. Some of our customers use it as a digital signage appliance, others as a home media center, many others use it in their conference rooms.

How about you? How would you use the Mini PC? Please let us know.

You can find more product specifications as well as pricing and available system options at: