Logic Supply in TaipeiWhen most people on this side of the world are fast asleep, members of the Logic Supply team are on the other side, awake, and hard at work in Taipei. Team members from both the US and Taipei have been visiting partners and vendors throughout the city this week, while preparing for one of the largest computer exhibitions in Asia, Computex Taipei.

In Taipei, Logic Supply CEO, Roland Groeneveld, and Product Manager, JP Ishaq, made a special visit to one of our production factories. Below is a picture of a laser cutting machine, commonly used for high-speed lower volume production of sheet metal parts.

Computex TaipeiAs Computex begins, the Logic Supply US and Taipei team will continue to visit vendors and partners throughout the area to seek out new business opportunities and the latest in technology.

JP writes to us by email: “Our priority is to advance our product line of rugged, harsh-environment PCs, as well as “off the shelf” embedded components. Systems and components able to withstand dust, temperature swings, and shock — these are some of what we’ll be on the lookout for in Taipei in 2012.”  For a complete picture of what we’re doing at Computex 2012 read Here today, Taipei Tomorrow. Let us know what types of products you’d like to see by writing to us in the comments section below.

Computex Taipei 2012

In the meantime, visit the Logic Supply LinkedIn and Facebook page for the latest updates on our visit to Taipei.