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OnLogic Provides “Brain” For NASA Rovers

By ·Categories: Depend OnLogic·Published On: May 27th, 2014·0.6 min read·

NASA’s Ames Research Center was in need of a rugged, compact PC with a wide range of inputs to provide control and data collection for their K-Rex planetary rover. The 4 wheel drive, 213kg rover is designed to explore and investigate difficult terrain in order to test systems and techniques used for interplanetary exploration.

The K-Rex rovers not only required a PC that could effectively operate in extreme temperatures, but one that was able to interface with the wide range of equipment needed for its various missions. Having run into compatibility and limited connectivity issues with past control computers, NASA turned to OnLogic for a new solution.

Find out how we were able to help…

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About the Author: Darek Fanton

Darek is the Communications Manager at OnLogic. His passion for both journalism and technology has led him from the newsrooms of local papers to the manufacturing floor of IBM. His background in news gathering has him always on the lookout for the latest in emerging tech and the best ways to share that information with readers. In addition to his affinity for words, Darek is a music lover, juggler and huge fan of terrible jokes.
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