Logic Supply is in the process of building a beautiful new office building, and it is almost completed! This past summer has been very busy. We will be moving from our current Waterbury location to our new office in
South Burlington, Vermont in mid October. Our new address will be:

35 Thompson Street
South Burlington, VT 05403


This is the site of our future office building…  Site of Logic Supply Building

Office building construction…  Logic Supply Building Construction
Almost done….  Logic Supply Building Almost Complete

Completed building!  Logic Supply New Building

When I think about the new office I think of the landscape, the building design, and the functionality/space.


The location of the building is in the Meadowland Business Park in South Burlington, Vermont.
Meadowland Business Park is surrounded by the beautiful Vermont landscape. The office sits on 3.22 acres and is 15,000 square feet.

From inside the building we can see mountains, fields, pastures, and wildlife. The other buildings in this park tend to be low in height (one to two stories) so everyone will always have a view of the surrounding landscape. The park was very well planned taking the environment (and view) into consideration. The construction company has even seen moose!

Building design:

Our two-story facility is made of steel and concrete construction. The panels that frame the outside of our building are 50% more efficient than that required by the Vermont energy code. The color is called weathered zinc and it fits in nicely with its surroundings. The look of the building is very innovative, modern, and thoughtful. Efficient energy use was very important in the designing of the new office. On the second floor there are 10 sky lights. The skylights will bring in a lot of natural sunlight, allowing us to save on electricity. As the sun goes down, the lights will turn on automatically, so during the day there will be no unnecessary use of artificial lighting. As you can see from the pictures above, the office has very large windows letting in even more natural light! The windows are also 50% more efficient than standard office windows.


This building will give us a large increase in space and will also give us the flexibility of future expansions. Our future goal is to expand this building to twice the size!

The inside of the office will be divided by function. On the first floor we will have our assembly and warehouse areas, giving them the much needed increase in work space. Administrative and accounting will also be on the first floor. The second floor will have our marketing, sales, and engineering departments. We have spent a lot of time and energy ensuring that this building will have the right flow that we are looking for, offer employees a comfortable working environment, and give us the space that we need to feed this growing company. The planning, building, and organizing of the new office have been a very long process. Logic Supply has invested its money and has produced a very energy and cost efficient but a very modern and attractive building. Thank you to Neagley and Chase Construction Company for all of your efforts.