One piece of common ground amidst the diversity of the electronics industry is Taipei’s annual Computex expo. Widely regarded as the most important showcase for upcoming developments in PC hardware, Computex is an opportunity for manufacturers and design houses to demonstrate their upcoming products. While the media focus may be largely placed on the deluge of new tablets and other cool gadgets, it’s no less valuable for the industrial PC market.

At Logic Supply, we’re committed to innovation both from ourselves and our suppliers. That’s why the intrepid Alice, from our Taipei Procurement office, is braving the maze of booths and neon to bring us word of the latest developments from around the world. 2011 has already proved to be an exciting year, with the releases of AMD’s Fusion and Intel’s Sandy Bridge, as well as significant innovations in Flash Storage. And to think, we’re only halfway through!

Look for updated impressions from our Computex visit soon, and check out Alice’s photos, below.