After years of highlighting the benefits of using a small form factor platform for a Linux application, we decided to allow customers to fully take advantage of these benefits and purchase a total Linux solution (well, Ubuntu to be specific).

Ubuntu Solution ProviderLogic Supply is a Canonical Solution Provider Partner, and we have a staff of trained professionals who are knowledgeable and able to offer hardware support. We will offer the ability to purchase one of our systems with Ubuntu pre-installed. We will work with our customers to make sure the Ubuntu operating system functions correctly on our hardware.

When we first decided to officially pair our systems with Ubuntu, we wanted to make our intentions clear on what we plan to offer to our customers. For instance, after conducting some compatibility testing, we determined that certain mainboards are “approved” platforms while others were slightly problematic and won’t be able to have Ubuntu pre-installed on them. All of our test results will be available to our customers and we will make our process as transparent as possible.

Our Approval Process

I would like to give you an idea about what our goals were in testing and approving mainboards. Our purpose is to provide customers with a complete, reliable solution that will have all the available drivers installed, supported, and ready to go. If a well-functioning driver is not available from the official Ubuntu repositories, then we will not say that the platform is supported by this version of Ubuntu.

We don’t expect that these boards will support all of the operating system features of Ubuntu, and we don’t believe that every feature is incredibly important to our customers. However, we have constructed a list of features that we find are critical to the functionality of one of our computer systems.

Here are the features that we require to be functioning correctly in approved systems:

  1. board boots without any errors
  2. all peripherals are recognized and function correctly
  3. graphical user interface functions correctly—desktop displays properly and standard screen resolutions are supported and display correctly
  4. audio device works correctly

And, within each of those categories, there is a long checklist of items that need to be marked off before we give our final stamp of approval.

These are features that aren’t required for approval:

  1. Support for advanced hardware graphics acceleration (3D acceleration, MPEG acceleration) and advanced features such as TV-output
  2. Power-management-related features (Suspend or Hibernate Mode)

For the most part, each mainboard we tested fared pretty well. There were some that were slightly more problematic than we would have preferred. For instance, many of the boards that are designed around the CX700 chipset had some issues with the video card. They are technically fixable, but it does require a work-around.

Available Mainboards

So, without further ado, here are the boards that came out on top.

  1. VIA EPIA PX10000G (VIA VX700 chipset)
  2. MSI MS-7265 (Intel 945GM chipset)
  3. MSI MS-9642 (Intel 945GM chipset)
  4. IEI KINO-9452 (Intel 945GM chipset)
  5. Jetway J9F2-KHDE (Intel 945GM chipset)
  6. MSI MS-9803 (Intel GM965 chipset)
  7. VIA EPIA SN (VIA CN896 chipset)

Each of these boards require a very slight tweak, but that is why we are pre-installing Ubuntu for our customers. Some boards cannot support specific functions. For instance, the PX10000G supports Ubuntu without any additional modifications during the install process, but 3D graphics capabilities are not supported at all. This eventually could get fixed, but we wanted to, at the least, make our customers aware of these kinds of quirks.

Here are a few systems that a customer can purchase with Ubuntu pre-installed:

SolidLogic C2D-C137 Intel Core 2 Duo Socket P C137 System
SolidLogic C2D-5677 Intel Core 2 Duo Socket P 5677 System
SolidLogic C2D-VoomPC-2 Intel Core 2 Duo Socket P VoomPC-2 Automotive System
SolidLogic CD-GS-L06 Intel Core Duo GS-L06 Fanless System
SolidLogic SystemX07P1 X07P1 Pico-ITX System
SolidLogic CarX07P1 X07P1 Automotive Pico-ITX System
SolidLogic SystemGS-L08 GS-L08 Fanless Pico-ITX System
ARTiGO VIA ARTiGO Pico-ITX Builder Kit

For all other system configurations using the mainboards mentioned above, please contact one of our technical sales associates.

We’ll keep adding updates as we move forward. Please contact us with any questions.

For additional information, see our dedicated FAQ section on Ubuntu.