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OnLogic Introduces A New Way to Choose Your Perfect PC

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Logic Supply Product Line Hardware Selection GuideYou may have noticed a few changes to the OnLogic website recently. System list pages are now presented in a gridview, our services pages have received an overhaul and the computers section of our main navigation has been updated. But these changes represent much more than just aesthetic adjustments, we’ve rolled out a whole new way to select your ideal industrial PC.

We’ve taken our most popular hardware configurations and created a number of standard systems divided into three distinct hardware lines: Commercial, Industrial and Rugged. Choose your Line, then your Series and finally your Model based on our Good, Better and Best recommendations.

So, what motivated the changes, and how can these new features make hardware buying easier for you? Read on to find out!

A New Approach to Hardware Selection

We built our new product line architecture with a simple goal in mind: make it easier for you to choose the right system for your unique application. Each of our new product Lines give you a starting point in terms of cooling type, processor and operating temperature range. Once you’ve identified which Line is right for you, you’re able to select the hardware Series best suited for that level of computing. Finally, within each Series you’re able to select the specific Model, with the I/O and feature set, that is ideally suited for your embedded project. Systems are displayed in Good, Better, Best order from left to right on the page. If you need an even higher level of configuration flexibility, or are a returning customer looking for the system you previously purchased, you’re still able to build a fully custom solution in our Custom OEM area.

What are the Three Grades of Industrial PCs?

Logic Supply Computers PageIt’s no secret that Industrial computers come in a huge range of shapes and sizes to meet the equally expansive range of project needs. From tiny NUC devices optimized for space constrained installations, to high-power, ultra-rugged systems built to withstand the harshest environments, we’ve carefully curated our product selection to cater to the hardware needs of every industry.

We’ve always felt it was important for our clients to have the freedom to configure their system to their exact specifications, which is why we continue to offer the option to fully customize each of our computers including processing power, memory, storage, wireless capabilities and accessories. However, over the years we’ve fielded an increasing number of requests for standardized hardware that has been pre-configured to meet the needs of many common applications. The result is our new product line architecture.

Our Commercial Line of computers focus on reliable, everyday performance at an affordable price point. These actively cooled, compact PCs are ideally suited for space constrained installations, and pack impressive performance in a surprisingly small form factor.

Our Industrial Line of embedded PCs feature the latest in cutting-edge fanless and ventless chassis design. Perfect for the particulate-rich environments of today’s manufacturing facilities, our Industrial Line helps reduce downtime and prevent failures due to dust, debris and vibration.

Resistant against dust and debris, our Rugged Line stands up to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures, and features the latest generation of processing technology for lightning fast, high-end computing performance.

Pre-configured and Custom Options

oem-services-updatedWe’ve never believed in a one-size-fits-all approach to hardware, which is why we offer so many customization options, but this new product line architecture now lets anyone, regardless of technical know-how, narrow down their system choices and quickly identify the right computer for them. Working directly with our in-house Hardware Solutions Specialists is still the best way to ensure you’re getting the ideal computer for your project, but this Line, Series, Model approach will give you a headstart in identifying the industrial system that meets your project requirements.

“This improved site layout and product line architecture make it very easy for users to identify which system is right for them,” said Dave Lovegrove, OnLogic’s Manager of Design and Creative Strategy. “If you want to build a completely custom system from the ground up that’s still just as easy as ever, but we’re now able to offer first time users, new clients, and perhaps less tech-savvy buyers, some guidance about which computer would best suit their needs. We now have a ‘pre-configured’ side of the house and a ‘custom’ side, it’s the best of both worlds and allows us to cater to the needs of users in any phase of the hardware selection process.”

Try Our Hardware Selection Tool

To help get you started, we’ve rolled out our new Hardware Selection Tool that includes vital specifications for the systems in each of our new lines. Once you’ve identified which computer is right for you we’ve made it easy to quickly configure and buy online. Of course, if you have questions or need help in selecting components or features, our Hardware Solutions Specialists are always available to assist you by calling +1 802 861 2300, or you can schedule a free hardware consultation by clicking here.

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