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Logic Supply at ISE 2014

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Yesterday we visited the Integrated Systems Europe 2014 in Amsterdam and we would like to share some interesting market and technology trends from the trade show.Integrated Systems Europe

A little Background

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), started off in 2004 as the pan-European trade show for the emerging markets of professional AV and electronic systems integration. Now in 2014 the show is the undisputed annual marketplace for for doing business and displaying technological innovation. ISE not-for-profit ownership by InfoComm International and the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) since 2007, ensures that all proceeds from ISE are re-invested into the industry, ISE programme, an event’s extensive education programme and market research.

ISE Data Trends:

Interesting data from their market research shows that the top 5 growth areas in the US and UK are:

1) Energy monitoring/ management projects expected growth; US + 42%, UK +22%;
Projects can target residential Energy generation (Solar and Wind) including storage and selling it back to the grid. But also home-wide system energy monitoring and management systems connected through IP or Z-wave, Zigbee plugged-in devices (heating, lighting, shades, equipment).
2) IP Network Security Cameras; US + 42%, UK +22%;
The sales for Network/IP-based security surveillance cameras and DVRs is predicted to grow faster than revenues from analog-based CCTV equipment and overtaking analog based unit sales in 2018.
3) Home Health; US + 42%, UK +22%;
With an aging population to see the emergence of home-based health monitoring systems is very exciting. Through wearable and/or desktop sensing devices caregivers and medical professionals can monitor the health and anticipate the needs of those with chronic illnesses or disabilities, allowing them to live at home instead of moving into a managed-care facility.
4) Climate controls; US + 42%, UK +22%
Your heating, hot water and climate control system uses up the most energy in the house. Finetuning the control of these systems by automated sensing feedback loop and system learning can create substantial savings on your energy bill.
5 System Int/ Control; US + 42%, UK +22%
Improving the systems integration in buildings allows for further optimization of control and efficiency of the various subsystems (security, lighting, energy, airconditioning, media and communication systems) in a building.

For our OEM customers targeting the above mentioned areas, the growth potential is substantial and the opportunities spread out over a very wide range of applications and systems. Our technical sales is more than happy to help you configure the right systems for your projects.

And now for the show!

So what was interesting or new on ISE. We can’t give you the full scope of interesting new hardware but here are a few….

+ Jetway with their hardware is targeting more specifically vertical markets. Gina Lin was able to pull it from R&D dept. hands before she flew to Amsterdam….nice !

Motherboard Sneak Peak

+ JNC9S-B85, 3 independent VGA displays for Digital Signage. Factory automation. 4th Generation Intel Core socket (Haswell) up to 16Gb memory, 1GB LAN an impressive board.+ NP92, for super small embedded and/ or mobile. The NP92 pico ITX with Bay Trail 1,8Ghz processor, upto 8Gb memory, 1 serial port, 1 Gb LAN, HDMI output, LVDS header is the ultimate board for compact embedded or handheld applications. The LVDS cable can be ordered as well based on customer specification and the board will also become available in a barebone.

+ JNC9T-1037, for Point of Sale, Gambling. With a 1037U celeron processor and NM70 chipset up to 8Gb memory, 2 LAN, HDMI, VGA and 24-bit Dual Channel LVDS and a RJ11 Jack with +12V/+24V Power to plug directly into cash drawers. Demand from OEM companies in South of Europe is driving this product launch.

+ Small compact panelpc’s barebones. Jetway sees a growing demand in the building automation and signage sector for small atom based panelpc’s regular 10-12″ but also wide screen. They showed two prototypes both based on the D525 + ICH8M chipset, wifi, 2 COM, 2 Mini PCI-e, quad Gb LAN support, CF card socket.

Most products mentioned above will be launched by Jetway the coming 2-3 months, some you might find already on their website. We haven’t decided yet which products will become part of our Logic Supply product range, However if you have a volume project do get in touch with our technical sales so they can help you with your project.

Other Items of note

Beaglebone black preview from ISEBeagle Bone Black and organic TFT active matrix display technology. We were happy to see that also the beagle bone black has found its way into the digital signage market. We stumbled upon a company that developed an add on board allowing the beagle bone black to be driving an organic thin-film transistor Display. Simply think eINK at 12 frames per second. 2 types of displays can be driven 4.9″ diagonal bracelet and 4.0″ small and with an EPSON bridging component it drives a 10.7″ display. This thin film bend-able displays open up a whole new field of applications for the BBB. We will be talking to this company to see what the potential is for our OEM customers from a price performance point of view.

Audio Signage. The number of displays in public and private spaces is

ISE Sound Network

growing but most of them have their sound turned off. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually stream the sound to your phone through a free and downloadable app. Your favourite pub will have multiple displays up with various TV channels and visitors can simply choose the accompanying sound to the channel they are watching. Or imagine going to the cinema and being able to choose the voice overs in your own language. The Barix plug in module and app can be branded your own and allow you to do all that.


There is much more to mention but not enough space to do so. In the summer we will be visiting Computex Taiwan 2014 and hope to be bringing your more innovation news, maybe even on a daily basis.


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