Intel D201GLY2 Mainboard: Top ViewIntel has done surprisingly well with the introduction of the Little Valley uATX mainboard. It is inexpensive, low-powered, and bears the Intel name, which usually implies reliability and quality. So, we weren’t too surprised when we heard Intel was releasing a new Little Valley mainboard, Little Valley 2 (no, that’s not really the name). The D201GLY2 is a fanless successor to the D201GLY with a Celeron 220 1.2 GHz processor. It also has 2 SATA connectors, but that is about it for the differences between the first Little Valley and the new Little Valley.

The D201GLY2 is part of the Intel Desktop Boards Essential Series, a selection of mainboards specifically built with affordability and flexibility in mind. The D201GLY is not included in this group, probably because it doesn’t meet Intel’s Essential Series strict terms. So, it could be that the D201GLY Little Valley 1 doesn’t have SATA connectors. But who knows?

Intel D201GLY2 MainboardThe heat sink is still pretty tall in comparison to most Mini-ITX mainboards. It measures about 46 mm in height, a little less than the D201GLY, which peaked at 48 mm for the highest point on the board. This makes sense, considering the D201GLY CPU fan added a tad to the height. However, we were able to swap out the heat sink/fan combo for another, lower profile one in some instances, which helped with case compatibility. Not sure how that will work for this fanless version, we’ll have to do some testing to see what is possible.

The mainboard is $77.00 and comes in bulk packaging with an IDE flat cable, SATA cable, back plate, and installation CD.

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