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We’re Teaming with Linux OS Developer RapidRollout!

By ·Categories: Technology·Published On: June 11th, 2013·2 min read·

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with RapidRollout, a developer of custom Linux platforms for computing appliances! This partnership allows us to offer customers complete Linux operating system solutions in addition to its computer hardware.

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A sizable number of hardware buyers need Linux OS development to successfully launch their application. RapidRollout enables appliance developers with no prior experience to leverage the flexibility and security of the Linux operating system. They offer a Linux OS specifically designed for kiosks, digital signage, and other appliance applications; a web-based platform configuration tool that makes it easy to manage system settings and build deployable images; and a remote management platform for the deployed devices.

Partnering With an Old Friend

Forest Bond, RapidRollout’s Founder, used to be the lead engineer at Logic Supply–so we’re used to working together.

I’m extremely happy about this partnership,” Bond said while visiting our South Burlington headquarters last week. “A lot of people get hardware from one place and their OS from somewhere else. What we’re doing with this partnership simplifies all that, and encourages collaborative problem solving instead of the finger-pointing that sometimes happens when multiple, unrelated vendors are involved in a project.”

“We are excited,” said Roland Groeneveld, President and CEO of Logic Supply. “We’ve been expanding our range of OEM Services, and Linux development services are a natural add-on to our offering for project customers. We’ve worked with RapidRollout in the past and their approach is similar to ours – helping customers deploy quickly and letting them focus on their application and their business.”

Rounding it Out 

This partnership rounds out Logic Supply’s OS development offerings. In addition to the Linux development services provided by RapidRollout, we’re a certified Windows Embedded Partner and an Ubuntu Solution Provider. We also offer application development services to project customers seeking to build a complete solution.

Likewise, RapidRollout will also continue to work with customers who source their hardware from companies other than Logic Supply; this new partnership supplements an already comprehensive service offering.

To see what RapidRollout has to say about all this, visit their blog.

To view our full range of services, click here. Or, to configure your next Logic Supply system, click here.



About the Author: Keenan Walsh

I graduated from Bennington College in June 2011 with a degree in English Literature, and I hopped around the globe for a year before making my way to Burlington. A long-time tinkerer and lover of gadgets, I found Logic Supply in March 2013 and joined the Marketing team shortly thereafter.
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