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Lean Manufacturing at Logic Supply

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Here at Logic Supply, we have adopted several Lean manufacturing techniques to help make our system assembly more efficient. For instance, we build systems in an assembly line style, where the first stage dedicates itself to unpacking all components, while the second stage prepares the system case for the internal components, all the way to the last step, which is boxing the system for the customer. All of our tools and consumables, such as zip ties and heat paste, are within reach to help prevent motion waste. Another advantage to our ‘assembly line’ method is the ability for everyone in the line to do Quality Assurance at each step in the process. We can catch problems or defects before we even test the system.

We are careful to keep a balance of Lean techniques and old fashioned craftsmanship, however. We specialize in custom technology solutions; which require turn-on-a-dime reconfigurations and the knowledge and intuition to implement new ideas. We understand that quality is the most important characteristic of our product.  We welcome new ideas, test the value of these ideas, and implement them if there is lasting value to the customer. Henry Ford supposedly said, “People can have the Model T in any color – so long as it’s black.” The Ford Model T only came in black because black paint dried the fastest; a creative Lean implementation but one that will not work for our customers. Instead, we use Lean philosophy to efficiently create these intuitive and unique technologies, designed to each customer’s specifications.

We also recognize our social and environmental responsibility to our Community. We reuse our packaging and boxes while working closely with recycling programs in our locality to keep our landfill waste as low as possible. We also have instituted a composting program; leftover food scraps and coffee grounds (we drink A LOT of coffee!) go to a local farm to feed the livestock and fertilize the gardens. We see value in being efficient and being accountable, to create beneficial relationships with those around us, and build the tools to help our customers make the world a better place to live.


About the Author: John Ware

When he isn’t cycling or reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, John Ware serves on the Logic Supply Lean manufacturing line. He arrived at the company – by bike – from Toronto. Previous to Logic Supply, he worked in computer repair at Intel. Educated at Arizona State, he built his first custom PC when he was 12.
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