Day 2 of the North American Intel Solutions Summit 2015 in Dallas, TX offered a unique look into what some of today’s leading hardware manufacturers see as both the near, and distant, future of computing technology.

Logic Supply Engineers Hans Brakeley and Casey Atherton had the chance to hear from Intel VP and Americas General Manager CJ Bruno, get a preview of Intel’s 6th generation Skylake architecture and explore a range of emerging Internet of Things platforms and devices. The day concluded with a reception held at the neighboring Perot Museum. Here’s just a sampling of what they had the chance to see and do on Day 2 of ISS 2015.

NA Intel Solutions Summit 2015

The day began with a presentation from Intel VP CJ Bruno who spoke about Intel’s vision of the future. While he addressed what the company hopes to achieve looking forward to 2020 and beyond, it was especially interesting to hear what Bruno and the rest of the Intel team are focusing on in the remainder of 2015.

  • Growing and innovating in PC
  • Growing mobile
  • Growing datacenter
  • Growing the “next big business” (pointing to wearables as an example)
  • Invigorating culture and brand

Intel Internet of Things ExhibitBruno also touched on upcoming 6th generation Skylake products, as well as their compatibility with Windows 10, offering a late 2015 timetable for initial launch of the first wave of Skylake devices.

The morning’s presentation included a video of iKeg® manufacturer Steadyserv (now BrewLogix), who we had the chance to meet earlier this year at a Congressional IoT event in Washington. Steadyserv was offered as an example of where opportunities are beginning to present themselves in IoT and beyond.

To that end, Hans and Casey also had the opportunity to explore the Intel IoT Retail Solutions Experience later in the day. The exhibit featured a wide range of applications for Intel products in a retail setting, including the much talked about Intel Memory Mirror, which allows users to save video of themselves as they try on different outfits and later compare them directly on the mirror using basic hand gestures, or save them to be viewed later on a smartphone or tablet.

Perot Museum Dallas, TXDay 2 at ISS 2015 concluded with dinner at the Perot museum. The state-of-the-art space offered a perfect backdrop for the event, with exhibits that featured 3D computer animations and life-like simulations, with music provided by Dallas locals the Emerald City Band.

If you missed our rundown of Day 1 at the Intel Solutions Summit, check that out here. We’ll be back tomorrow with a report from the final day of ISS 2015.

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