IP Ratings Overview

IP Ratings Overview

IP Ratings Overview

IP Ratings Overview

 A Logic Supply customer took it upon themselves to test the IP65 rating of the 17″ Intel Core i5 IP65 Fanless Panel PC. Dust Free? Check. Resists Water Spray? Check!

IP ratings get tossed around pretty frequently. IP20, IP65,  and the like are common, but what does they mean? Lets take a quick look.

The IP rating system
IP is short for Ingress Protection and is a rating of how resistant to the intrusion of foreign particles an enclosure (In PCs, thats the case) is. Each digit following has a directed correlation to a level of resistance primarily against dust and water.  The first digit –IP(6)5– relates to dust. The bigger the number, the smallest the particulate. As you can see below, a 6 is “Dust Tight.” The second digit –IP6(5)– pertains to Water. The higher the rating, the more water resistant a computer is. In this situation, an IP65 rated case is dust tight and protected from spray.

The IP Chart*

Solid Object Protection
1st Digit Description Practical Definition
0 No protection No protection
1 Protection from objects >50mm Any large surface of the body, such as the back of a hand, but no protection against deliberate contact with a body part
2 Protection from objects >12mm Fingers or other similarly sized objections
3 Protection from objects >2.5mm Cables, Tools, Etc
4 Protection from objects >1.0mm Nails, Screws and most wire
5 Dust protected Not totally sealed, but resistant to nearly all incidental dust and ingress
6 Dust-tight No ingress of dust
Liquid Protection
2nd Digit Description Practical Definition
0 Non-protected No protection
1 Protection from dripping water Vertically falling as drops (Dripping Water)
2 Protection from dripping water when tilted up to 15º Vertically falling as drops at any angle up to 15º from its normal position
3 Protection from spraying water Water falling as a spray angles up to 60º from its normal position
4 Protection from splashing water Water splashed from any direction
5 Protection from water jets Water projected from a nozzle from any direction
6 Protection from heavy seas Water from heavy open water or water projected in powerful jets
7 Protection from immersion (Up to 1M) Immersion in water up to 1M for a limited time
8 Protection from submersion (Beyond 1M) Continuous submersion in water, even exceeding 1M

*IP Chart is based on IP Code page by Wikipedia

IP in Action
Whether it is in meatpacking, laundromats, stone cutting or other liquid and particulate rich industrial and manufacturing environments, IP ratings have become an easy short hand for how a PC will manage the stress and ingress. More and more industries  like food processing or fracking are finding the benefits of “Set and Forget” computing, even when facilities are regularly exposed to water.

The Take Away
If you are looking for an IP rated solution, it is easy to misjudge your environment’s needs. Too little, and your system is likely have an ingress of your particulate or liquid that will cause your computers to fail. Too much and you are over engineering and costing your company money.  If you need a consultation on the dust, water, or other ingress concerns in your environment, contact one of Logic Supply’s engineers to find the solution that works for you.




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