The arrival of the Cedarview-based mainboards felt so much more tangible a month ago. We began receiving production samples from our suppliers and we were able to get our hands on them long enough to take pictures, test compatibility, and write reviews before promptly sending a few out the door to our customers. We expect to see more reliable inventory in the next couple weeks as the first batch of Intel’s Cedar Trail platform motherboards arrive: DN2800MT “Marshalltown” and the DN2700MUD “Mount Union.” Jetway was quick to market with their Cedarview options; however, they have some latecomers, too. We have yet to get in the Jetway NF9D-2700, which we believe will be the go-to platform for many of our customers’ projects. Well, with the exception of projects requiring a 64-bit OS, Linux OS, or pretty much any OS that is not Windows 7 32-bit.  We’re interested to see how much of a game changer the limited OS support will be to customers adopting these boards for new projects.

So while we eagerly await getting more of these motherboards in house, we have an introduction to two of them below. The Jetway NC9KDL-2700 and the NF9D-2700 Mini-ITX  boards feature the 2.13 GHz Dual Core Intel Atom D2700 processor, HDMI output, VGA, and dual Gb LAN. The NC9KDL is a good entry-level option that offers some industrial I/O with graphics capabilities. The NF9D supports Jetway’s daughterboards, which provide expansion for extra serial and LAN ports. It also has 2 SATA 6 Gb/sec. connectors, PCIe Mini Card slot for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices, and RAID support.

Which board do you prefer? Will you find the OS limitations as a major sticking point when transitioning over to the new platform? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.