Update: Further details about the processors are now available from Intel. [NOTE: Link has been removed from Intel’s site. Will re-link when information becomes available.]

As with a big movie release, Intel has been keeping the teasers coming regarding the upcoming Cedar Trail mainboards. They’ve been sparing with the details, preferring to leave the spoilers until the boards are closer to rolling out, allegedly some time in Q4 of this year.

A couple months back, the good folks at Fudzilla unearthed some info on the upcoming boards, and more recently they provided some details on the lack of USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb/sec. In the IPC field, there’s still not a huge demand for these features; we’re more interested in the next generation of ultra-low-power processors offering dual-core Atom performance with 1080p playback capabilities.

Like a bloodhound, Logic Supply product manager Tony Fiset has sniffed out a support page on Intel’s website referencing the different board models. This mostly just confirmed Fudzilla’s claims, with one notable exception: Based on Intel’s usual naming scheme, the “Marshalltown” board appears to use the low power N2800 CPU instead of the D2x00.  This is likely due to the low-profile heat sink that is necessary to take advantage of the Thin-ITX I/O.

Look for more info soon regarding the following Intel Desktop boards:

  • D2500CC
  • D2500HN
  • D2500HND
  • D2700DC
  • D2700MU
  • D2700MUD
  • DN2800MT Marshalltown

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