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Intel AMT Vulnerability Update

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Intel AMT Website Link

A security vulnerability has been discovered in Intel’s manageability firmware, specifically in PCs that support remote system manageability via Intel Active Management Technology (AMT). Your systems or motherboards may be affected. We view our clients’ security as a top priority and we strongly encourage you to take the appropriate action based on the information below.

You can read Intel’s full Security Advisory here.

What Should You Do Now?

Logic Supply recommends that customers take the following steps as soon as possible:

  • Utilize Intel’s published Detection Guide to identify if your systems are vulnerable. (This vulnerability is limited to Intel Core i processor platforms. Customers using systems with Intel Atom processors are not at risk.)
  • If systems are identified as vulnerable, follow Intel’s Mitigation Guide. (At this time, Intel is recommending that this manageability feature be deactivated.)
  • For assistance in implementing the mitigation steps provided in the above document, please contact Intel Customer Support. (From the Technologies section, select Intel® Active Management Technology [Intel® AMT]).

What’s Next?

Intel and our motherboard vendors are in the process of identifying affected models and developing and distributing firmware and/or BIOS updates to ensure long-term protection from this vulnerability. We will reach out to affected customers and update this post as updates become available.

Update May 11th, 2017: Intel has released BIOS updates for select NUC products. These updated BIOS will be applied to any new orders for the following products:

Motherboard: NUC5i5MYBE
-Logic Supply System: ML100G-30

Motherboard: D53427RKE
-Logic Supply Systems: Core-NC210, Core-ML300

Intel AMT Website Link


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