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Advantages of Intel 10th Gen Processors for the IIoT

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When selecting hardware for industrial applications such as automation, embedded systems, and edge computing, it’s important to understand the significant advantages of Intel® 10th gen core processors (formerly Comet Lake). Our Helix Series, is built for edge computing and the Industrial IoT (IIoT). We engineered this series from the ground up using Intel 10th gen processors in order to take advantage of all that these new processors have to offer. 

Top 10 advantages of the Helix Series and its Intel 10th Gen Processing

  1. Built better from the ground up with 10th gen architecture

    Intel’s architecture updates offer many enhancements including improved heat dissipation. Bottom line, the systems are easier to keep cool. So even with high processing power, Helix offers an extended operating temperature range from 0𝆩C to 50𝆩C. 

  2. Long lifecycle for your IIoT project

    This brand new architecture has a long lifecycle which offers peace of mind. This means you can source and deploy additional or identical replacement hardware as needed for the lifespan of your application.

  3. Enhanced integrated graphics

    With Helix, you can have up to 3 independent 4K displays, all without a dedicated graphics card which can create excessive heat. 

  4. Maximum performance capabilities

    Helix supports up to 64 GB of RAM. The end result is that you don’t have to compromise performance. 

  5. Right performance at the right cost

    You can configure Helix with as few as 2 Cores and as many as 10 Cores, with up to 20 threads. Consequently, you can choose the performance that works best for you. You don’t have to pay for more than what you need.  

  6. Connectivity in abundance 

    Helix offers a huge variety of I/O, including 8 USB ports and options for your legacy connection needs.

  7. Limit downtime with Intel vPro technology, including Intel Active Management Technology (AMT)

    Downtime will be limited and Out-Of-Band (OOB) features are made easy with Intel AMT. As a result, technicians can remotely manage systems, thereby eliminating costly visits for field maintenance. 

  8. Reap the benefits of virtualization

    Create a faithful abstraction of the full 10th gen Comet Lake processor to a Virtual Machine. By taking advantage of virtualization, you could save money on hardware, power and IT staff costs. 

  9. Improved performance and reliability

    Use Intel RST to help solve complex storage challenges for applications that need speed or redundancy. Consequently, this might help to protect you from data loss.

  10. Customize power needs with configurable TDP

With configurable TDP, you can decide what wattage to run. That means, if you don’t need the power, you can scale down and save on power consumption.

What type of customers can benefit from Helix with its 10th gen processing?

Any industry requiring the newest technologies at the edge can benefit from using Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake processors. Here are a few applications already taking advantage of Intel 10th gen processors. 

  • Intelligent shelving and Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices that can manage inventory, and collect and analyze data for continuous improvement.
  • Medical imaging solutions that are boosting healthcare workflows.
  • Digital signage solutions with the ability to support up to three 4K displays and power for AI and analytics that provide real-time data about the audience and their traffic patterns.
  • Consolidation of PLC devices by replacing the function of old, large, and expensive to maintain machinery with one small platform capable of automating control.
  • Robotic designs with improved computer vision and deep learning performance.

Explore the Helix Series

The Helix 500 (HX500) is a compact powerhouse measuring only 51mm x 154mm x 210mm (2” x 6 “ x 8.25”). 

Helix 500

The Helix 600 (HX600) offers a unique fanless hybrid design that allows you to incorporate a GPU. (The CPU is protected from dust and debris in a ventless bay. The GPU is housed in an actively cooled expansion bay.)

Helix 600

The Helix 610 (HX610) is a fanless solid state platform with optional hot swap storage and other expansion options. 


Helix 610

Ready to take advantage of all that the Helix Series with Intel’s 10th gen processors has to offer? Configure yours today and contact our technical sales team for more information!

Note – We originally posted this blog in December, 2020. We updated it for content in March, 2022.

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