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The Importance of a “True” Rugged Firewall Device

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Like their automotive and architectural namesakes, firewall computers serve to protect your network from damage. Also referred to as gateways in reference to their role as access control portals, firewall appliances separate your internal data, programs and applications from unauthorized access, filtering traffic based on customizable standards. In short, firewalls allow you to decide who has access to your network and ensure that your sensitive systems are consistently protected.

But not all firewalls are created equal. What if you’re looking to set up a reliable network in the extreme temperature conditions of a remote oil refinery? What if you need a vibration-resistant firewall appliance for a mobile installation? What if your hardware has to live among the PC killing dust, dirt and debris of a busy manufacturing floor? In situations where traditional networking devices would struggle to survive, a rugged firewall device is the ideal solution.

What is a Dedicated Firewall Device?

The term firewall is used to describe both network gateway devices and applications. A firewall application is installed on existing computer systems to individually protect the data they contain. Dedicated firewall devices however are purpose-built computers designed to protect an entire network from unauthorized access, attacks or corruption. These dedicated network gateways offer a number of advantages including compatibility with a range of specialized firewall software, increased data processing speed and efficiency and ease of use. Dedicated firewall PCs are much easier to setup, maintain and upgrade thanks to their centralized location, preventing the need for users to configure the firewall on each individual system on a given network.

Why Use a Rugged Firewall Device?

When it comes to building a trusted, truly secure network, firewall reliability is paramount since even brief interruptions in protection can leave your sensitive data vulnerable to damage or theft. At its core, effective firewall implementation relies on carefully controlling network access while also preventing traffic bottlenecks that can slow productivity and adversely impact your business. But more and more frequently, networks are moving outside of the climate controlled, dust-free environments of the past. Think machine shop floors, dirty warehouses, military installation or other locations where a clean, temperature controlled rack room isn’t available. Here, rugged firewalls answer the call. Utilizing fanless and ventless enclosures, rugged network gateways keep out the dust and debris that can severely damage sensitive components.

OnLogic’s Line of Dedicated Firewall Devices

OnLogic firewall computers offer the advanced processing power, connectivity and pre-loaded Untangle or pfSense® software to allow users to easily manage their entire network at a single access point. Our firewall computers can be used as a web filter, spam blocker, spyware blocker, protocol controller, virus blocker, phishing blocker, intrusion prevention device, OpenVPN, reports tool, or router.

Additionally, several of our firewall computers are ideally suited for network security applications that require a more durable solution than traditional hardware. These rugged, fanless systems have been engineered to ensure dependable and efficient network monitoring. Check the rugged firewall devices out below:

NG300FNG300F Rugged Core i Network Gateway

  • Powerful Intel Core i7/i5 or Celeron CPU
  • Enhanced Connectivity thanks to 5 LAN Ports
  • Supports up to 250 Users
  • Wide -25°C~70°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Easily Mountable

Combining high-end Arrandale i3/i5/i7 processing with a low-profile, rugged, fanless chassis, the NG300F is ideal for applications requiring performance, reliability, and versatility in one compact package. An operating temperature range of -25°C~70°C and high shock/vibration resistance combined with PCIe Mini wireless and SIM card connectivity make this an ideal system for use in mobile or industrial environments.

The NG300F offers five Intel Gb LAN ports for high-end, network-based security in extreme environments. A standard 12 V DC power jack is supplemented by a 4-pin terminal block connector for secure power input options. With its low profile and included mounting brackets, the Nuvo-1003 is able to be mounted securely and discreetly for silent, energy-efficient, and worry-free operation in a wide variety of industrial, automotive, or network-intensive applications.

NG100FNG100F Fanless Intel Atom Network Gateway

  • Versatile Intel Atom Dual-Core D525 CPU
  • Available with 2 or 5 LAN Ports
  • Supports up to 50 Users
  • Built on the Popular ML250 Chassis
  • Built-in LCD Display Allows for Headless Operation

Enclosed in the sturdy, compact, fanless ML250 chassis, the NG100F is durable and “designed to be redesigned” which makes it easy to customize. The ML251 chassis features a built in LCD display with multi-function controls for headless nodes. The fanless chassis enables users to take advantage of increased reliability that comes from having a dust-proof, solid state solution, as well as providing a silent system free of fan noise.

With 2- or 5-port Ethernet configuration, an Intel Atom dual core processor, and a compact, fanless enclosure, the NG100F is perfect for a broad suite of networking applications.

NG100RNG100R 1U Rackmount Intel Atom Network Gateway

  • Versatile Intel Atom Dual-Core D525 CPU
  • Available with 2 or 5 LAN Ports
  • Supports up to 50 Users
  • Rackmount Chassis for Easy Integration
  • Optional Add-on Kits for Additional Expansion

The NG100R is enclosed in the expandable, easy-to-customize MK100 1U rackmount chassis and offers available add-on kits to provide additional flexibility. The NG100R is ideal for a variety of deployments ranging from small business to government or educational institutions and firewalls for larger corporate offices. Available with 2x or 5x LAN ports, this expandable system is perfect for use as a Web Filter, Spam Blocker, Spyware Blocker, Protocol Control, Virus Blocker, Phish Blocker, Intrusion Prevention device, Attack Blocker, Firewall, OpenVPN, Reports tool, and Router.

Have questions about rugged firewall devices? Need help designing the right computer solution for your network? Contact our helpful sales staff at 802-861-2300 or email info@logicsupply.com.


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  1. Chris Heighway January 13, 2015 at 10:50 am

    We are interested in finding out some more information about the NG300F however the links I have tried to follow send me to “page not found”.

  2. Darek Fanton January 13, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    Hi Chris, that particular system has been discontinued by the manufacturer and the link should have been redirecting but was not for some reason, we appreciate you pointing that out. I’ve asked one of our solutions specialists to followup with you via email about alternatives to the NG300F. You should be hearing from them soon!

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