The Importance of Reliable Kiosk Hardware

The Importance of Reliable Kiosk Hardware

The Importance of Reliable Kiosk Hardware

The Importance of Reliable Kiosk Hardware

The self-service and point-of-use kiosk industry is booming! Today’s kiosks are being used for everything from dispensing high-end electronics in airports and malls, to powering your neighborhood automatic car wash. With more and more kiosks being installed in outdoor environments, and with the need for 24/7 operation with as little maintenance or downtime possible, choosing rugged, dependable kiosk hardware is increasingly important.

In this article from Kiosk Marketplace, Logic Supply Product Manager JP Ishaq discusses the three vital components of every great kiosk system and, while a great kiosk computer system is paramount, it’s not the only thing that will determine the success of a modern¬†advanced kiosk system.

Over the years we’ve helped clients source hardware for a huge range of kiosks designed for everything fromgrocery store self-service shopping and car wash automation, to informational stations in airports and in-vehicle taxi cab point-of-sale systems. In our attempt to fully understand the scope of a project before recommending the appropriate hardware, we’ve learned a lot about solutions built from the ground up as well as projects that simply combine off-the-shelf components to achieve the desired finished kiosk.

While every kiosk installation has its own unique set of requirements and expectations, we’ve found that the truly exceptional examples always have three key features in common. Continue reading…

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  1. September 11, 2014

    A shopping mall can use digital kiosks to promote its own activities and to share marketing opportunities with its merchants. A customer searching for a certain brand of clothing might use an interactive menu in a kiosk system to search for stores within the mall that carry that brand while being served ads that cater to their particular interests.

  2. Daniel Johnny Johnson
    February 7, 2020

    Kiosks improve overall customer experience, Helps building brand awareness, Helps in reducing manual labor costs, Efficient way of information collection. The self-service and point-of-use kiosk industry is booming.

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