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IGEL Ready Thin Clients from OnLogic

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With the recent launch of our new IGEL Ready systems, you can now take advantage of rugged hardware shipped to your door with the IGEL OS pre-imaged. In this blog we’ll review some of the advantages of using IGEL thin clients, and how you can benefit from the combination of IGEL software and OnLogic hardware.

What is IGEL?

If you’re not already familiar with IGEL, they’ve created a next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces that works in both local environments and cloud based architectures. In the past, the server would need to live in the same network or infrastructure, whereas IGEL gives IT administrators the ability to manage users and devices remotely.

As an IGEL Technology Partner, OnLogic has worked with the IGEL team to verify that our IGEL Ready thin clients are ready to add to your current IGEL environment, or as a great starting point for a new solution.

IGEL Benefits

When using an IGEL solution, the user is no longer reliant on local servers to connect the IGEL thin clients. The VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is accessible from any end-point where the user’s profile can be applied. This allows for greater flexibility in creating your IT network infrastructure. It also makes it easier to enact changes on the fly as you grow your fleet of IGEL thin clients. 

The cloud, and hybrid cloud architecture of IGEL allows for centralization of your data. Maintenance and support of your IGEL thin clients can occur from anywhere in the world. In the past you would need to address each server network individually. Now it can all be done independently of the separate locations. This allows for greater efficiencies in the network and increases the scalability of the system infrastructure.

IGEL Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Structures Infographic

Last but certainly not least, IGEL prides themselves on the security of their platform; reducing risk via their Linux-based OS while limiting the constant updates that can disrupt workflow and functionality. The ability to run familiar VDIs within IGEL, including Windows Virtual Desktop, means security doesn’t have to come at the cost of familiarity for your teams either.

Breaking Down Walls Between IT and OT

Traditionally, Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) have often been perceived as separate entities with unique requirements. A natural byproduct of companies seeking to centralize their technology management as new capabilities surface, we are now seeing a shift in the market resulting in greater overlap between IT and OT. Subsequently, many companies adopting this approach have a need for industrial workstations that play nicely on the same network as their office PC’s. OnLogic IGEL thin clients are a perfect solution for this increasingly common challenge.

IGEL Thin Clients Everywhere. IGEL Thin Clients Anywhere.

IGL 300 for Rugged use / IGL200 for Industrial and Office use

With our IGL Series, you no longer have to worry about whether or not OnLogic systems will work with your IGEL Operating System. We’ve done the verification ahead of time to ensure you won’t run into any unexpected incompatibilities. The IGL platforms come pre-imaged  with IGEL OS, so you don’t need to handle the initial set up for each unit.

Do you have a challenging environment that is calling for the power of an IGEL thin client? No problem. OnLogic hardware is engineered to deploy in even the most challenging automation, manufacturing, logistics, medical or retail applications. And with OnLogic’s short build times, you can get your hands on a plug and play solution in days, not weeks!

Are you looking for the right combination of rugged hardware and cloud-based network? Give us a call to speak with a member of our Technical Sales team! 802-861-2300.

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