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UNITE(ing) Virtually: IGEL DISRUPT 2021 Event Recap

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As a sponsor of IGEL DISRUPT 2021, OnLogic had the opportunity to host a virtual exhibition booth highlighting our IGEL Ready thin clients for the passionate IGEL Ready community during the UNITE event on February 26th.

Rising early to join the EMEA event from our location in Vermont, the spirit was clear – the UNITE event was intended to live up to its name, uniting the IGEL community of End User Computing (EUC) evangelists.

Here’s a recap of, and our takeaways from, this week’s event.

Acknowledging 2020

The impact of COVID defined 2020. IGEL CEO, Jed Ayres, wasn’t shy about acknowledging and shedding light on their dedication to overcoming the challenges presented by COVID through their role in the EUC community.

International business and IT communities were impacted in sweeping ways – the need to support their workforce as they transitioned suddenly to remote work, adjustments to facilities to allow for proper protocols, and an acknowledgement of the importance in mental health.

And throughout these efforts, the importance of remote data security and the user experience came into sharp focus. Ease of device management and the security of the Linux-based IGEL OS made it a perfect fit for many businesses managing these challenges.

IGEL DISRUPT 2021: Going Virtual

Instead of arriving at the conference hall, assembling booth signage, and laying out the usual SWAG and informational materials, our solutions engineers arrived at IGEL DISRUPT 2021 from their workstations – ready to chat with attendees and share webcams.

The OnLogic DISRUPT UNITE booth was built entirely in the virtual world; Lobbies, exhibit halls, and auditoriums were replaced with digital facsimiles. We created a video to introduce our current lineup of IGEL Ready thin clients and ensured our team members had our systems in-hand in the event they were able to connect through video.

Sustainable Solutions in Technology

Sustainability was a regular theme though the IGEL DISRUPT keynotes and presentations. IGEL OS is known for being lean and light-weight, meaning older computers can be “converted” to IGEL OS thin clients to extend their usable life rather than being retired as e-waste. There were plenty of stories in breakout sessions about aged hardware being brought to life during the pandemic to act as remote workstations.

That said, if hardware is repeatedly failing due to initial quality or environmental factors such as temperature and dust and debris ingress, it doesn’t make sense to continually install replacement thin clients that are destined to repeatedly meet the same fate. OnLogic’s IGEL Ready thin clients provide a reliable and durable solution in these scenarios.

This focus rang true for the OnLogic team. We utilize long lifecycle components and waste management during manufacture and build; Reducing e-waste both prior to shipping our systems, as well as reducing the need for replacement or repair.

“IT has moved out of the basement.”

An IGEL DISRUPT panelist used this statement as a poignant reminder that Information Technology is being acknowledged as a pivotal element of a successful business. IT departments are more frequently having direct involvement in making business decisions, while continuously ensuring a positive experience for their end users.

The move to remote work also moved IT team members from working on-site to being end users themselves. And that adjustment highlighted that the experience of the end user is not always as smooth as the data and user logs seem to indicate. Combining a robust software layer such as IGEL with dependable, IGEL Ready verified hardware has the potential to improve the overall user experience; Meaning more happy, productive team members.

Virtual Events are Here to Stay…for Now

Every conference and event on my calendar this year is virtual, something to-which you can likely relate.

Adapting from the event staples of airports, convention centers, and happy hour celebrations to home offices, chatrooms, and Zoom DJs has not been easy. However, IGEL DISRUPT UNITE was a reminder that technology and the professionals trusted to be stewards of tech have the ability to positively impact the lives of those that depend on them.

If you would like to learn more about our IGEL Ready thin clients, visit OnLogic.com/IGEL.

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