How Does a Fanless PC Stay Cool?

Compared to a traditional fanned PC, especially small form factor fanned PCs, a fanless computer doesn't necessarily always look dramatically different. Nevertheless, there are several subtle things going on that prevent these quiet, unassuming pieces [read more]

  • Installing Windows 7 on Skylake PC

Installing Windows 7 on a Skylake PC

Many of our embedded hardware users value standardization and consistency. Long lifecycle motherboards and components give integrators and device builders the peace of mind in knowing that their hardware will be supported for as long [read more]

Regarding RAID: Risk and Reward

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, or RAID, is a tried-and-true storage technology that teams multiple hard drives to provide enhanced performance, availability and redundancy in PC and server-based storage. RAID can be used to simultaneously [read more]

  • OnLogic 9055d-m DAQ Module

How to Setup Digital I/O Modules

In response to conversations we’ve had with industrial automation pros, OnLogic has begun carrying a selection of RS485-connected Modbus-compatible data acquisition and digital I/O modules for monitoring and automation. Data Acquisition Modules can be used [read more]

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