StreamONCustom engineering embedded computers from the ground up can be costly, time consuming and downright daunting. So what happens when you have a small budget with big needs that can’t be accommodated with a standard off-the-shelf product?

Easy, you take an already existing off-the-shelf product and customize that to fit your needs.

Recently, StreamOn, a company that offers a streaming audio solution to the broadcasting industry, came to us because their hardware was going EOL (end of life) and they needed to upgrade their embedded computer systems.

Their goals were to have a cost effective solution that was reliable, easy to use, encompassed their company branding and could be blind shipped to their customers. We created a customized off-the-shelf product that met their budgetary needs and offered them a whole solution that exceeded their technical needs.

How did we do it? Read the case study here, or download the PDF for the full case study.