Here at Logic Supply, it is important to us and our clients who work in harsh locations, that our computers can withstand the toughest environments. Whether it is shock, vibration, dust, dirt, or extreme temperatures, we make sure our systems can keep going without any hiccups. So how rugged are our rugged computers?

In the video below you’ll see our product manager, JP Ishaq, prove that our systems are up to snuff. He picked out the Logic Supply AU912, a fanless extended temperature system featuring a Core i Mobile processor and put it to the test.

By using his patented “3 whack” system with a Logic Supply baseball bat, JP was able to put one of our Logic Suppy systems through extreme shock and vibration. We hooked up the system to a monitor while we played one of our Logic Supply videos in the background. It took a beating and was able to keep going without missing a step, and the video played on.

What will be our next test?  You tell us. We might just use it in our next video. Let us know in the comments section below. Just remember, safety first!