Members of the Logic Supply US and Taipei team, including Roland Groeneveld, CEO and JP Ishaq, Product Manager, and team members from our office in Taipei, are heading to one of the largest computer exhibitions in Asia (and second largest in the world), Computex Taipei. The exhibition takes place from June 5-9 and will host the world’s most innovative IPC giants in hardware production, software development, R&D, applications and service integration. In its 31st year, this is the event where businesses from around the world launch their new products.

This year our team will be visiting exhibitions and vendors spanning five venues throughout the city to get a glimpse of the latest technologies, developments and trends in the industry. As we continue to grow our product line at Logic Supply, we’ll be searching for the best and most innovative products to bring back to our customers.

Some of the products we’ll be looking at and looking for include:

  • Systems – We’ll be visiting vendors to check out the latest in Intel’s Ivy Bridge- and ARM-based barebones and mainboards, SBC, Panel PCs, and more.
  • Mainboards – We’re always on the lookout for the next small thing, from compact powerhouses to energy-efficient single-purpose boards, to bring back the best and brightest tech the industry has to offer.
  • Odds and ends – Who knows what else we might come across, from industrial and embedded video cards to new and innovative thermal solutions?

As we toggle back and forth between Nangang and the Taipei World Trade Center, we’ll be meeting and greeting over 1,700 exhibitors at 5,300 booths. That’s a lot of ground to cover. The line-up of companies include Intel, Microsoft, Acer, VIA, MSI and many more.

We’re looking forward to extending our network, immersing ourselves in the strength in innovation, and uncovering new business opportunities so we can continue to bring our customers best-in-class solutions. Visit our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for updates from the tradeshow floor.

What do you want us to find? Let us know in the comments below.