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Replacing Aging Computers Cut Line Recovery Time by 60%

By ·Categories: Industrial IoT·Published On: April 24th, 2021·1.3 min read·

Newly Weds Foods Case Study SummaryThe impact of replacing aging computers can be profound. Take the example of Newly Weds Foods. Founded in 1932, they are one of the world’s leading ingredient manufacturers for the food processing and foodservice industries. The Chicago-based company develops and manufactures seasonings, marinades, batters, breadings and countless other products. Their customers are some of the biggest restaurants and food distributors in the world.

Recently, their Cleveland, TN plant found itself in an all-too-common position: their IT team was struggling to maintain their aging computer systems. As a result, they were tired of the frequently repeating cycle of replacing aging hardware. They went looking for a better alternative to the tower PCs they’d been using for years. The team wanted a fanless solution that would reduce downtime on their manufacturing line. In addition, increased overall system longevity was desired. As a major food manufacturer, Newly Weds Foods needed small form factor systems that could stand up to their extended production schedule. The computers also needed to resist damage from the heat and airborne particulate created by their various production processes.

In our new client profile see how OnLogic was able to help the Newly Weds Foods IT team in replacing their aging computers. The impact? They cut line downtime by two thirds, eliminated late night service calls and got a good night’s rest for a change.

Note: This blog was originally posted on February 24, 2015. It was updated for content on April 24, 2021. 

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