IR Engraving - AG150“It has really been a bulletproof solution,” says Phillip Schaeffer, the Graphics Engineer at IR Engraving, LLC ( who selected the OnLogic AG150 fanless computer after the company suffered frequent and repeated hardware failures of their previously installed solution. “Accounting initially gave me a bit of grief, but eventually praise for the overall cost savings.”

IR Engraving, located in Sandston, Virginia, offers a range of large-scale engraving services, including manufacturing textured engraving rolls and gravure printing cylinders, which are more than 16 feet long and weigh 4 tons each, used to print floor coverings and various other decorative materials. In 2015, after years of dealing with hardware failures due to the dust, chemicals and moisture their computers are subjected to every day, IR Engraving started using OnLogic hardware for their ERP, time clock and job logging stations.

Hardshell Fanless In Action“The machines in the background of these images are acid etching 20 foot tall steel plates for wallboard used in wood and vinyl siding,” Phillip told us. “When it was time to replace our computers I looked at sealed systems that cost 3 times the price of the OnLogic boxes, but I put my money on OnLogic and came out a winner, because of you!

“That AG150 pictured has run 24/7, 365 days a year since the day it was turned on, back in the summer of 2015 with zero downtime, and it’s surrounded on all sides by acid etching steel. The previous record for computer longevity in that area was about 7 months and we were typically replacing systems 2-3 times a year with our previous solution. Acid gets condensed by cooling fans onto both the power supply and processor of mere mortal computers. This one is sitting under years of dust because it has never needed any attention. Your boxes do exactly what you say they do and more. They’ve outlasted the 15-20 PCs that we would have put in that same spot. These systems really are a Superhero!”

If you can relate to Phillip’s hardware challenges, it might be time to consider a fanless computer. Start configuring yours here.