For an extremely reasonable price!

AOpen’s latest MiniPC, the MP45-DR, is pretty neat. Not only do most of the employees at Logic Supply use these computers as their desktop machines, but they also buy them as gifts for their family and friends. And with good reason. These systems offer HDMI (both digital audio and video via an included DVI to HDMI adapter), bootable eSATA port, and wireless connectivity. Not to mention, the MP45 series is designed around Intel’s Montevina platform (45nm processing technology, improved integrated graphics, faster FSB, GM45 chipset with DDR2 800 and DDR3 800/1066 support etc.). And, the MiniPC is super energy-efficient for a HTPC platform, drawing less than 90W of power.

For a limited time, AOpen is offering these systems with an integrated Blu-ray drive (see the MP45-BDR). We received quite a good deal on these, and we are sharing that with our customers. It’s the holidays, what can we say? For about $30 more than the cost of an MP45-DR, you can get a Blu-ray drive (DVD readable/writable, too). Not too bad, considering the price of Blu-ray drives.

AOpen has posted a video clip on its site featuring the MP45 on YouTube here.

As I look outside at the Nor’easter currently dumping snow on the ground, curling up in front of one these with a copy of Dark Knight on Blu-ray sounds mighty fine right now.