On February 13th members of the Logic Supply team will join security pros from around the world at RSA Conference 2017 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The RSA Conference is the leading security-focused event in the IT space, addressing many of the toughest challenges facing businesses, governments and IT organizations of every type. Last year the event drew about 40,000 attendees. This year it promises to shine light on diverse topics ranging from cybersecurity challenges around the Internet of Things, to data breaches and hacking emerging as a tool of geopolitical conflict.

What does this have to do with Logic Supply, a company dedicated to providing compact, durable industrial PCs (IPCs) built to serve in manufacturing plants, industrial shop floors, fleet vehicles and other rugged environments? As it turns out, a lot. IPCs in open spaces may be subject to tampering or theft, while any networked IPC (including those deployed on vehicles or remote locations like transmission towers) are vulnerable to attack over the network. In short, an effective IPC architecture must incorporate security measures in the same way it incorporates fanless cooling or a ventless chassis. We’ll be looking at just a few of the key physical and digital security measures in upcoming posts here on The I/O Hub (be sure to subscribe for future post alerts).

At the RSA Conference, Logic Supply will have the opportunity to attend valuable technical sessions and speak with top experts in the cybersecurity field. Company engineers and executives will meet with key partners, such as AT&T, Intel, Microsoft, VMware and Verizon to discuss security-related challenges and advance the state of the art in Logic Supply IPCs. And we’ll have a chance to speak directly with both attendees and vendors to gain insight into emerging challenges and developing technologies in the field of data security.

Extrovert 4G LTE Computer from Logic SupplyThe RSA Conference also provides an opportunity for us to talk publicly about our new Extrovert family of 4G-enabled IPCs. Logic Supply Extrovert IPCs are invaluable for mobile and remote deployments where no local network is available, and can provide secure, fallback/failover network access in fixed environments.

Attending the RSA Conference represents an important moment for Logic Supply. Our IPCs have always been tough, and we’ve long prided ourselves on making them secure and manageable as well. Now we are casting our eyes downfield, working to anticipate the threats, challenges and opportunities ahead so our products are optimally aligned to address them. We can’t wait to see what next week holds, and we’ll be sure to post here about the new technologies and innovations we see in San Francisco.

Will you be attending the RSA Conference? Be sure to visit us in the South Expo at Moscone Center, at Booth S2048. We’d love to meet you!