Intel D945GSEJT Johnstown MotherboardThese are exciting times. Intel is planning to offer a Mini-ITX mainboard that suits our customers’ requirements. Intel’s new Mini-ITX form factor mainboard, the D945GSEJT (expected release mid Q2’09), is a low-profile, super-slim platform featuring an Atom processor and mobile chipset.

So far, the engineering sample we have offers DVI, VGA, onboard LVDS, Gb LAN, 2 SATA connectors, and a PCIe Mini Card slot for wireless connectivity. What really is neat about this board is the footprint—onboard power and a low-profile design (~20 mm from the bottom of the PCB to the highest point on the board).

Intel, however, does fall slightly short (in my opinion) with the processor/chipset combination. Our customers are waiting (pleading) for a dual core atom paired with a mobile chipset. We could even settle for Intel designing this board with the new Atom N280 (FSB 667) and the GN40 chipset (better graphics support) and really deliver a premium solution for our embedded and industrial customers.

Not officially announced yet, but it is available on Intel’s Web site here: