Mini-ITX Motherboard, Wide Temperature

Logic Supply KR960 Mini-ITX Motherboard

In most industrial applications using the right computer system can mean the difference between saving money and spending thousands of dollars constantly replacing equipment.

Environment is a huge factor in the lifespan of your rugged computer.
Rugged computers may have to operate in extreme environments such as vehicles, factory floors or outside and exposed to the elements, they need to be able to withstand a wide temperature range in order to function at maximum capacity. Selecting components designed to live comfortably in these environments is key to optimal performance.

Consider what temperature range your system will need to endure.
When searching for the right computer system for your application, consider what temperature range your system will need to endure. Here at Logic Supply we categorize wide temperature range boards as follows:

  • Extended Temperature – Extended temperature range is considered mid-range and includes a temperature range of -20°C ~ 70° C.
  • Extreme Temperature – Extreme temperature range is designed for more rugged systems in the temperature range of -40°C ~ 85°C.

Logic Supply recently added a variety of new wide temperature motherboards to its product lineup designed to withstand all the elements. These new motherboards offer an extended temperature range of up to -40°C~85°C within a variety of small form factors, including Mini-ITX and 3.5”.

  • KR900 Extended Temperature Core 2 Duo Mini-ITX Motherboard – supports Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile or Celeron Mobile Socket P processor, legacy I/O support and multiple video outputs. Designed for extreme industrial and harsh environment applications.
  • KR960 Extended Temperature Core i Mini-ITX Motherboard- Mini-ITX motherboard – industrial high-performance motherboard with 10 USB ports, dual Gb LAN and Intel Core i Ivy Bridge processing platform. Ideal for outdoor signage, machine vision and advanced kiosks.
  • TI140 Extreme Environment Atom N2600 3.5” Motherboard – a compact 3.5” industrial motherboard featuring the Intel Atom N2600 processor, dual LAN, DVI-I and hot-swappable storage. Ideal for remote data collection, industrial automation or communications.
  • ZR920 Extended Temperature Celeron 827E 3.5” Motherboard and the TI920 Extreme Temperature Celeron 827E 3.5” Motherboard – both are a compact 3.5” industrial motherboard featuring the Celeron 827E processor, dual LAN, SIM Card slot and hot-swappable storage. Designed for embedded deployments requiring multimedia performance and remote data collection applications.

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