Emphase Industrial G3 SSD

Capacities are up and prices are down as we introduce the G3 series of 2.5″ SSDs from Emphase. Now featuring innovative SandForce controllers to ensure consistent, reliable performance, the Emphase G3 series is currently available in capacities of up to 120 GB of lightning-fast solid state storage.

Protected by a durable metal housing, the G3 series features single-level cell (SLC) flash chips for faster transfer rates, greater reliability, and more efficient energy consumption than their multi-level cell (MLC) counterparts. Intended for the rigors of industrial applications, the G3 series are rated to operate in temperatures ranging from 0~70 degrees Celsius and withstand vibration of up to 20 G.

It’s hard not to get excited over the G3 series, which goes a long way toward bridging the gap between typical SLC solutions and their more affordable MLC counterparts without forcing customers to sacrifice reliability. As Thailand continues to suffer the effects of tragic flooding in Asia, traditional platter-based hard drives are becoming scarce while their costs rise, making SSDs a more practical choice than ever.

The Emphase G3 series puts performance and reliability first, ensuring a durable and fast storage solution for demanding industrial applications. They also happen to look good doing it.