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DSE 2016 Day 2: Interactivity & New Ways to Engage

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Digital Signage Expo 2016 has wrapped up, and the two days we spent on the show floor in Las Vegas were filled with conversations about the ever-changing face of digital signage technology and the ways we all consume advertising media. The uses for digital displays, and the interactivity options available to today’s integrators, have expanded exponentially in just the last few years. It was clear at DSE 2016 that there’s an increasing need for ultra reliable hardware able to be counted on to deliver consistent messaging, but the ways that message is delivered is no longer confined to a simple static screen.

Ever-present Messaging

If there was one overriding theme at DSE 2016, it was enabling effective content distribution on multiple platforms no matter where the consumer is, or what they’re doing. Integrating signage into everyday experiences was on display everywhere you turned, from fully digital sales associates, to the high-impact on-cooler displays we highlighted in our Day 1 recap, to fully interactive touch panel menu boards that allowed customers to explore the meal they’d be eating before ever ordering. Digital media has become less about pushing content to customers and more about providing an interactive experience that they feel like a part of, even before they’d directly engaged with the product or company. To that end, the processing power necessary for many of these applications is far outstripping the capabilities of much of the traditional digital signage hardware available, giving rise to more powerful media players that are still small enough to be installed in space constrained environments.

The Changing Face of Engagement

DSE 2016 Logic Supply BoothOne particularly interesting trend that we saw at DSE this year, was a move toward a new kind of engagement tracking. One of the persistent challenges in digital signage is accurately gauging effectiveness, but emerging technology is enabling smarter displays that can interpret physical interactions of every kind and create actionable data based on the results. From motion capture playback, to eye tracking and body language, digital experiences can now be tailored to their viewers in real time, making targeted messaging and reactive displays more engaging than ever. In the same way that online advertisers have tools to track how their ads are being received, insight into the habits and reactions of Out of Home (OOH) consumers is now available to retailers of every kind and it has the potential to change the way signage experiences are conceived and implemented.

DSE 2016 was an incredible show and we’re already excited for next year. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to unveil our new CL100 and share conversations about digital signage hardware with hundreds of visitors to our booth. We’re looking forward to the exciting innovations on the horizon for the digital signage industry, and we left Las Vegas with ideas of our own about the next generation of digital media players. Stay tuned!

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