Rugged Computer for Digital SignageIf you have ever taken a train ride, you know the importance of digital signage. It’s that handy piece of equipment that tells you what track you’re supposed to be at and whether you’re going to be on time or you’re going to miss Sunday supper. But did you ever stop to wonder what powers these crucial pieces of equipment?

Digital signage comes in many forms, not just trains, planes or automobiles, but on factory floors and warehouses, office spaces and more. Needless to say, the equipment behind them needs to be reliable in order to deliver a consistent message to the end user.

At Logic Supply we offer a wide array of reliable systems built specifically for digital signage. Take for example our new Extended Temperature Atom D2550 AU145 Rugged Computer, a reliable system with a small footprint and extended temperature range designed to be a small computer that lasts. It delivers a turn-key, go-anywhere solution without compromising performance or features.

Key features:

  • Latest Atom Cedarview technology with the D2550 processor and the GMA3650 integrated graphics card offering plenty of processing power for industrial signage applications.
  • I/O choices, including dual COM, dual LAN, and dual display, combined with an extended temperature range of -25~55 Celsius, creates an industrial ‘Jack of all trades.’
  • The system carries CE & FCC certification, passing regulatory hurdles out of the box.

The AU145 offers plenty of processing power for industrial signage applications, in a small, fanless, extended temperature range system. The processor is capable of driving HD multimedia, and the system offers two DVI ports for dual displays and a pair of independent audio line-out jacks. With its small footprint, dustproof design, and operating temperature range of -25~55 Celsius, this computer can power displays outside of temperature controlled environments.

Rugged Computer for Digital Signage

AU145 Rugged Computer

This robust system is designed for a wide range of environments and applications. It is a versatile offering for places such as warehouses, train stations, factories and more.

For more information on this product, visit the AU145 product page or visit our Digital Signage page for more recommendations.