As chassis design becomes increasingly rugged, new standards need to be developed to explain how that chassis will react in a wet environment. In an increasingly connected world, more and more objects are exposed to the elements and the demand for computers that will stand up to tough conditions is constantly growing.

Defining Ruggedness

A question that we frequently encounter pertains to the reaction of a computer to water. There is an Ingress Protection Rating, often abbreviated as “IP Rating” in specifications or electronic data sheets, which breaks down the level of protection that the enclosure provides. The IP rating consists of two numbers: the first pertains to protection from solids and the second points to the protection from liquids.

Real-World Examples from Logic Supply

  • It’s not easy managing operations in a slaughterhouse. It is, in the most literal sense possible, a hot mess. Without getting too graphic, computers mounted to those walls literally need to be hosed down after a long day. Twenty years ago the very idea of hosing down a computer would have been laughable, the sole purview of angry office workers looking to vent their frustrations. Now it’s a reality, with a modest IP number denoting a computer’s ability to be “protected against strong jets of water,” or “dust tight: zero ingress of dust permitted.” Logic Supply’s Fanless Panel PC is IP65 rated and can function smoothly in many environments.
  • When a digital signage company wanted to make sure that their displays wouldn’t fail they turned to Logic Supply. They needed a computer that could withstand driving rain, suffocating heat, and wind storms. Their Logic Supply Sales Engineer provided them with a Fanless Panel PC with an IP65 rating. Not wanting to take any chances, the client decided to do some testing of their own. See below for the results.

Key Take-Aways

Logic Supply makes some pretty tough computers. The SolidLogic Intel Atom GW-01 Fanless Rugged Waterproof PC is rated IP67. Industrial clients need to take environmental factors into account when selecting a computer in order to reduce downtime and avoid continual repairs. Security surveillance cameras should have a minimum rating of IP 64.