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Customer Request Yields New Product

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Mini ITX Case


In this example of the MK150’s versatility, we show how a customer request for an IP surveillance camera server/recorder system turns into a new product for Logic Supply’s customers.


  • Core i5 or better
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • 2x 2TB HDD in RAID 1 (hardware based)
  • Separate OS drive (SSD)


At first glance, this looks pretty straightforward. That is, until you realize that there are very few small form factor (SFF) commercially oriented chassis that can accommodate two 3.5″ hard drives. Using our handy Mainboard & Case Compatibility tool, we found just three initial results. The CFI is a nice case for a SOHO server, but it’s not really ideal for a deployment like this. The TE-1160 is a great case, but expensive if they weren’t going to utilize the extra hot-swap bays. And the SL1UR can accomodate a number of different HDD configurations, but 2x 3.5″ plus a 2.5″ could have been tricky (maybe mSATA or a SATADOM for the OS?). All three could have worked, but none stood out as a no-brainer; let’s move on to the board.

Based on the customer’s performance requirements, we limited the selection to Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors with a QM67 chipset, which supports RAID. At the time, the CR100 was not in mass production and the NC9B was awaiting modification of capacitors around the CPU, so the only real choices were the DFI HR100 and MSI IM-QM67. Unfortunately, both of these boards have CF/CFast slots on the bottom, which prevent them from being used in standard 1U rackmount cases.


One of the reasons Logic Supply chose a 1.5U design, rather than a 1U, for the MK150 is that it allowed for taller standoffs than the industry norm, so it can accommodate tall components on the bottom of mainboards. This means it is compatible with both the the HR100 and IM-QM67. The customer opted for the cleaner integration of the ATX PSU with the HR100, rather than the IM-QM67 with an external AC adapter.

By default, the MK150 only supports a single 3.5″ drive, so Logic Supply designed a simple bracket to allow two 3.5″ HDDs to be mounted in the PCI expansion area, and the 2.5″ Emphase G3 SSD used for the OS was mounted in the standard location. Although the bracket was initially designed for this customer, we felt there may be more demand for this capability; it will soon be stocked and available for purchase on our website.

If you’ve got a project that you can’t find a solution for, give our Technical Sales Team a call at (802)-861-2300 ext. 1 to see what they can configure for you, or post your requirements below and we can get you started in the right direction.


About the Author: Tony Fiset

Tony Fiset is a previous Product Manager at Logic Supply. Tony specialized in mainboards, processors, and barebones and has application oversight in the mobile and industrial automation verticals. Tony has a degree in mechanical engineering. He has a personal passion for HTPC projects and fine scotch.
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