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Custom Industrial Computers: White Label Options by OnLogic

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How can a Custom Industrial Computer Improve your Technology Products?

When considering launching a new technology appliance, one of the biggest challenges is deciding where to start given the complexity of developing a new product and which partners to approach for development support. Many companies will look to overseas contract manufacturers and OEM partners to design and develop their product from the ground up. While this process grants you a large amount of control over the product, you will have to also develop and manage logistics, shipping, and all of the challenges that managing the entire lifecycle of your device entails. Does your company have the right people and resources in order to achieve those product goals while developing software features – without disrupting your day to day support for your customers? 

You can Outsource your Hardware – Make it a Custom Industrial Computer

Instead of starting from scratch, many customers choose to work with OnLogic using one of our industrial computers to make it their own. Using OnLogic’s Modular OEM Services you can customize one of our industrial computers to meet your requirements. Whether you need minor changes to better suit your design goals or are building a product from the ground up, OnLogic has you covered.

Build it OnLogic

When we first start looking at a white label project, we first want to establish what products and services we will need to provide to successfully meet your project’s requirements. Once we’ve validated your needs vs. our requirements for customizations, you’ll meet with one of our Account Executives and Sales Engineers to determine the best fit hardware product and how we can establish a business relationship based on a proposed solution. To make sure the solution is a good fit, we would then coordinate a quick delivery of a prototype for you to validate the industrial computer and consider any customizations we need to make to the hardware itself.

An Example of a Customized Industrial Computer

Custom Branded Industrial ComputerPwnie Express (an Outpost 24 company) came to OnLogic to support their network security appliance needs. Prioritizing their user’s experience with the system, Pwnie Express wanted to remove an unnecessary I/O to avoid confusion. Our creative engineers built a customized industrial computer solution that Pwnie Express can offer as a unique hardware solution to their customers. Check out this video that goes into a little more detail into the process they took when creating their solution.

Custom Design and Validation Services

OnLogic offers regulatory testingFor other customers, we’ve designed or validated custom components they’ve needed for their application like PCIe cards, GPS modules, sensors, or even custom mounting hardware specific to their enclosure. Need support for specific certifications like UL safety testing or country-specific deployment needs? Our regulatory team is here to speak with you by providing their expertise for documentation, compliance, and execution of your regulatory requirements.

Making the Product Representative of Your BrandCustom branded industrial computer and custom packaging

We’ve covered the technical requirements for your project, but what if you want to make the PC look like your company’s brand? We have a number of services available for custom branding and deploying the product to meet your needs. Singlewire came to OnLogic to develop reliable hardware for their Informacast Fusion solution. Using our CL100 platform we engineered the system to truly fit their needs. From custom chassis branding to match their color scheme, to imaging/BIOS customization to deploy their software directly onto the PCs, and custom boxing with quick start guides to aid their users in setup. Singlewire was able to work with OnLogic to get a system that was their own and give their end-users a great out of the box experience. Check out Singlewire’s customer story for a full overview of how OnLogic was able to create a custom industrial hardware solution that integrates seamlessly into their workflow. Note – the videos were created prior to our name change from Logic Supply to OnLogic.

Go to Market with OnLogic

Now that we have the product ready to go, we need to get it to your customers. OnLogic offers a number of inventory and fulfillment services to help cater to those needs. We can offer consignment of systems in our warehouse so your need to stock hardware is minimized. Additionally, we can drop and blind ship systems so the product can go directly to end-users and look like it came from you if needed.

Lifecycle Management

For your product management team, we offer lifecycle management for all of our project customers so you always know when products will be at the end of it’s life and our team will work with you to make sure you have a migration path in a few years when needed. Additionally for those customers who have revision sensitivity whether that be for our medical customers with the FDA or a specific feature of your software OnLogic will work with you if we need to change any sub-components of your product.

Why use an Industrial Computer (IPC) for your Next Product Development?

The deployment environments for your product can vary from what you’ve outlined in your product requirements expectations. Even systems designed to be deployed in office spaces can end up in tight locations that are not well ventilated such as behind desks, in small closets, or other less than ideal environments for traditional PCs. You may need an in-vehicle PC with vibration and shock tolerance. Perhaps a IoT gateway for telecommunications that needs a wide-operating temperature and wide-input voltage.

OnLogic’s line of industrial and rugged computers can represent your brand and ensure your systems don’t fail due to hardware faults. No moving parts means that the traditional failure points of a PC, fans and HDDs, don’t exist in OnLogic’s PCs. Additionally OnLogic PC’s are built to be modular so you won’t have a problem should you need to add cellular modems, additional I/O, or internal expansion cards. Systems are built to order, so even if you don’t need to take advantage of our services options, we can get you the right system for your project.

Ready to get started with a customized solution today or just need a reliable PC? Contact one of our solutions specialists today or explore our online store.

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