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Custom Branded Hardware for a Custom Solution

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Unfortunately, the news is full of reports about emergency events. This includes natural occurrences like extreme weather to other threats like mass shootings. For people to stay safe, it’s important to keep them informed. To help organizations distribute alerts and other emergency information, our friends at Singlewire Software have created the InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance using custom branded hardware by OnLogic. We spoke with the team at Singlewire about this device and how their emergency alert software is helping organizations and first responders stay informed.

Can you tell us a bit about Singlewire?

Based in Madison, Wis., Singlewire develops InformaCast emergency notification software. We serve a wide variety of industries including education, healthcare, manufacturing and government. Our goal is to help organizations achieve the two most important goals when it comes to emergency notification: speed and reach. With this in mind, our InformaCast software gives organizations the ability to tie all their communication devices into a single system. That means, with the press of a button, they reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

What is the InformaCast Fusion Server?

The InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance is a physical device that customers leverage when they use our InformaCast Fusion software. It manages the mass notifications needed in an emergency situation. 

InformaCast Fusion ServerWhat makes the Fusion Server so special?

The InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance makes it possible to place InformaCast Fusion servers at locations on a customer’s network that don’t have virtual computing resources. In the event of a wide-area network failure, the InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance can continue to function.

What are the potential use cases for this device?

The biggest potential use case is for organizations with remote sites with limited virtual computing resources, such as rural schools or clinics. The server appliance eliminates virtual computing challenges by bringing a physical server on-site.

How does OnLogic hardware help?

Singlewire Software was after two key components when looking at potential manufacturers for this tool. The system needed to be fanless and solid state – meaning no spinning hard drive. When it comes to these types of equipment, the fan, hard drive, and power supply are the three components that fail most often. Taking out two of these components meant that the hardware system would be much less likely to fail. This also helped us avoid going with a military-grade device, which was not of interest to our customers. We found OnLogic through a Google search and saw they offer the types of machines we needed. These machines are based on the Intel NUC platform, which we knew to be a quality platform. We determined quickly that the CL100 met our performance requirements.

While we interviewed other suppliers, they didn’t have as robust a supply chain or industry relationships as OnLogic. We also saw many similarities between Singlewire and OnLogic with our mission and core values.

On top of that, OnLogic provides us with other services including image installation and QA verification, which is valuable to our reliability brand.

Can you talk a bit about the choice to custom brand the system and packaging?

First and foremost, we didn’t want a box that looked like everyone else’s box, we wanted it to be custom branded. We were able to work with OnLogic on a design that was in line with Singlewire branding. The best part is, it looks great and it didn’t break the bank.

Check out our customer story to learn why Singlewire chose OnLogic to be a partner that fit into their business and development workflow and watch the unboxing video below. Note that these videos were created prior to us changing our name from Logic Supply to OnLogic. 

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Note: This blog was originally posted on April 4, 2018 and updated for content on July, 2, 2021.

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