We’ve been offering FreeNAS on the ARTiGO A2000 for a little while now.  However, there were a few small issues that came to light that we wanted to fix.  First, the Ethernet on the ARTiGO A2000 would only run at 100 Mb.  Second, the SATA controller was only running at UDMA33.  Fortunately we’ve fixed both of these issues with a custom FreeNAS image, thanks to help from the community (you guys!).  You can download the image here (file no longer available) (Note: this is the uncompressed image, so you don’t have to run it through gunzip before flashing). This will require re-flashing the CF card with the new image, which means you’ll lose your settings unless you save them prior to updating.  Please let us know if you’re using the new image and how it’s working out for you!

UPDATE: I’ve updated the download link above to point to a new image that should solve the issues Burr (from the comments) mentioned related to UPS and iTunes/DAAP.  If you installed the old image from the link above and you don’t care about the things Burr mentions then there’s no reason for you to update.  Otherwise download the new image linked to above and reflash your CF card (remember to back up your settings first!).