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COMPUTEX 2015: IPC ARM, Cincoze and Intel’s Braswell & Skylake

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OnLogic CEO Roland Groeneveld and I recently returned from Taipei, Taiwan after attending COMPUTEX 2015. Since its inception in the early 1980s, the annual international information technology show has grown into the premiere event for technology companies of every kind to display and discover the latest innovations in every conceivable facet of both consumer and commercial electronics.

COMPUTEX provides a rare opportunity for us to meet hardware vendors face to face and get a sneak peek at upcoming products. This year’s show featured nearly 2,000 exhibitors so it would be impossible to detail everything we saw, but let’s look at a few of the standout themes and exhibits.


ASRock Motherboards at COMPUTEXAdvancements in ARM processing have been a feature of COMPUTEX for the last few years, but 2015 might prove to be a watershed moment for both the emerging computing architecture and the company behind it. For their part, the team from ARM used Computex to show off a number of new technologies, most related in some way to the Internet of Things. Their new Cordio Radio IP is a sub-1 volt transmitter designed to offer the benefits of much larger, more power hungry devices. ARM also unveiled their newly developed IoT subsystem for Cortex-M processors and updates to their mbed OS platform.

Of more interest to us (and our clients), companies like ASRock, a leading provider of industrial motherboards, showed off a number of new products featuring ARM processing. While the industrial and embedded computing space is still dominated by Intel-powered systems, it’s clear that the low power requirements and flexible capabilities of the ARM platform are an increasingly attractive option for businesses developing new, highly efficient mobile products. Walking the floor of COMPUTEX we had the chance to check out a wide variety of ARM products from a range of well known and boutique manufacturers.  While the BeagleBone Black offered a glimpse at the capabilities of ARM architecture, some of the new devices at COMPUTEX 2015 have the potential to offer our industrial computing clients the commercial ARM development platform that they’ve been looking for. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for more on the ARM front.

Cincoze at COMPUTEX 2015

Cincoze at COMPUTEX 2015While we were walking the floor, we made sure to swing by the Cincoze booth. One of our premiere hardware partners, Cincoze was on hand showing off their upcoming DA (Diamond Affordable) Series of industrial PCs as well as a range of Intel Haswell panel PCs. Making their US debut last year, Cincoze already had a very strong product line, but they’ve continued to develop new systems, and COMPUTEX was the chance to show off the DA Series, a super compact, capable and affordable computing platform that the company hopes to release later this year. The rest of the ACE SIX lineup of rugged PCs designed for the most extreme and mobile applications includes their Compact (DC), Efficient (DE), Superior (DS), Intelligent (DI) and Extreme (DX) systems.

Braswell & Skylake

Intel Braswell ProcessorOf course, one of the most widely discussed topics at COMPUTEX this year were the pair of new Intel processor architectures on the horizon. Displays and keynotes were filled with examples of new products based on Braswell (Atom) and Skylake (Core) CPUs. Unlike previous CPU generation launches which have found companies racing to release devices as soon after the new chips hit the market as possible, many attendees at COMPUTEX 2015 hope to launch products to coincide with the mass availability of Braswell and Skylake processors later this year and prototype and production versions of these products could be found around nearly every corner of the exhibit halls.

With both new platforms focused on the performance and power requirements of mobile devices, both Braswell and Skylake look to have a significant impact on portable electronics, laptops and even wearable devices at, and shortly after, launch. In the industrial PC realm, IPC motherboard manufacturers were on hand at COMPUTEX 2015 showing off planned new additions to their product lines which will feature Intel’s new chips. However, as with all new hardware launches, it will take time for these new processing platforms to work their way into industrial systems. Once again, stay tuned for updates about new Braswell and Skylake systems from OnLogic.

Each year we attend COMPUTEX we’re given incredible insight into where the tech industry is headed, and 2015 was no different. We had a chance to meet with many of our own component vendors and strike up conversations with emerging companies looking to expand their presence in the US market. We’re excited to explore opportunities to incorporate some of what we saw into our own product offerings and busy sharing our experiences with our engineering and product management teams. Be sure to subscribe to be the first to hear about new products and the latest development updates.


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