On Day 4 of Computex 2014 the OnLogic team tried to see and do as much as possible as the Taipei computing trade show begins to wind down. After getting a chance to check out the first-of-its-kind, 16 LAN-equipped surveillance computer from Neousys yesterday, CEO Roland Groeneveld, Lead Engineer Rodney Hill, EU Director of Technology Fred Buining and Director of the OnLogic Taiwan office Alice Liao were treated to PCs of all shapes and sizes. They had the chance to check out a slew of new tablets, a host of unique motherboards and what’s being touted as the, “World’s Smallest” windows PC kit.

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Tablets Everywhere


Surface Pro 3. Image courtesy of Microsoft

It’s no surprise that tablet computers were everywhere at Computex 2014 as they’ve quickly grown to nearly 50% of the consumer PC market. While most of the standard tablets on the show floor began to blend together after four days, a few ultra-thin and light ruggedized tablets, as well as Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 stood out. Lighter than Apple’s iPad Air with a detachable keyboard and support for e-pen input, the Surface Pro 3 appears to be the tablet that other manufacturers will be chasing this year.

ECS Unveil “World’s Smallest” Windows PC Kit

At their booth, Taiwanese manufacturer ECS was showing off Liva, the “World’s Smallest” Windows-based mini-PC kit. The Liva board (pictured above) is built around an Intel Bay Trail-M system-on-a-chip processor and offers 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of eMMc system storage. Connectivity includes Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0 and 2.0, HDMI and VGA. The kit offers simple assembly and ECS indicated that they were hoping to target developing markets and first-time computer owners.


The Liva mini-PC from ECS

Exciting ARM News

As we touched on in our Day 3 piece, both AMD and ARM had a strong presence at Computex 2014, with many of the major board manufacturers featuring products based on both technologies. Echoing its growing appeal in all markets, ARM intends to expand their Taiwan-based CPU design center in anticipation of their growing role in a wide range of IoT devices.

We’ve had a blast sharing our experiences at Computex 2014. We’ll be back next week to share some overall impressions.

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