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Computex 2014 Day 2: Insights on the Internet of Things

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For the OnLogic team currently in Taipei, the second day of Computex 2014 largely revolved around technologies related to the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT concepts have been around for years but many companies are now ramping up their efforts to create products ranging from fully-integrated smart appliances and wearable tech that leverage cloud computing, advances in sensor technology and an increasingly, “always on” society.

Day 2 at Computex 2014 provided a slew of fascinating questions.

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What Does The Future Hold for IoT?

Many of the presenters at Computex see the Internet of Things developing in three stages:

1) People becoming more connected while communicating, interacting and syncing with the cloud.

2) Objects becoming more connected, communicating with each other and being monitored and controlled through cloud-based systems.

3) The overall interconnectivity and cross-communication of people, places and things.

What is the Internet of Things and How Does OnLogic Fit In?

What Are The Key IoT Developments Being Talked About at Computex?

  • A fully-integrated society is expected by 2030, with tens of billions of networked devices containing some form of processing and sensing in use.
  • Hardware implementation is expanding exponentially with the focus moving from mobile phones to wearables (smart watches, clothing and accessories).
  • Communication protocols are becoming increasingly diversified (WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth Low Energy, Near Field Technology).
  • Cloud storage and cloud-based applications continue to expand and become more tailored to specific user needs.

What are Companies Creating Using IoT Devices?

The applAlice-and-Rodneyications for IoT are incredibly diverse, some obvious and others surprising.

At day 2 of Computex we saw a motorcycle/bicycle security platform that allowed users to digitally link their two-wheeled transport directly to their mobile device, allowing them to receive live updates on it’s location and monitor it in the event that it is stolen.

In another example of the ways IoT is hoping to help keep us safer, there was a 3D mapping technology on display that allows users to take three-dimensional photos of their family and colleagues. These images are then stored in the cloud and accessed by a connected surveillance system that provides a warning when an unrecognized individual enters a home or business. This type 3D profiling is something that a number of major technology manufacturers have hinted they may incorporate into their products as soon as the end of this year.

We’re excited to be powering some of this IoT innovation. Computex is a great venue for seeing what the future holds for IoT. More tomorrow!


About the Author: Darek Fanton

Darek is the Communications Manager at OnLogic. His passion for both journalism and technology has led him from the newsrooms of local papers to the manufacturing floor of IBM. His background in news gathering has him always on the lookout for the latest in emerging tech and the best ways to share that information with readers. In addition to his affinity for words, Darek is a music lover, juggler and huge fan of terrible jokes.
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