In a medical emergency, seconds matter. That reality is a big part of what makes the TIMS Consultant from TIMS Medical (a division of Foresight Imaging) such a vital piece of today’s connected medical facility. TIMS Consultant lets patient care teams, no matter their location, collaborate using high resolution video, delivered at ultra-low latency, to better diagnose, and more quickly treat, patients.

As Tony Molinari, Co-Founder of Foresight Imaging puts it, “TIMS Consultant provides hospitals with the ability to immediately leverage the expertise of doctors and surgeons in instances where time is of the essence.”

TIMS Medical turned to Logic Supply to help them create the hardware foundation for the TIMS Consultant. With a wide range of strict connectivity, regulatory and feature requirements, Logic Supply’s Engineering team worked closely with TIMS Medical to create a device that’s ultra-reliable, versatile and easy to install and operate.

Find out how the TIMS Consultant is helping doctors provide the best possible care in the TIMS Medical profile on our website.