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The Computer You Want, Really Fast: Building a Technology-enabled IPC Company

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In the IPC industry, you tend to see two models:

1) Online retailers of components and simple systems (sites like Newegg and TigerDirect)
2) Mostly-offline embedded computer/OEM solutions companies

Logic Supply is a technology-enabled industrial computer company that marries a robust online catalog with rapid customization and end-to-end OEM service capabilities.  In other words, we aim to combine both models. Why? Because we think this 1+2 approach meets customer needs, helps lower costs (for all), speeds up product launch, and makes ongoing fulfillment easy.  

In 2014 Logic Supply will continue to push its next-generation, web-enabled vision forward. We have — and are working on — a suite of advanced IT systems that enable our customers to select, configure, and continually source their hardware, including:

  • Configurable/Customizable Systems – While we do offer standard configurations optimized for particular needs, we also provide fully-customizable computers that let our customers configure systems for themselves.  Need different I/o, processing power, storage, wireless, warranty? Can do.

  • Transparent Pricing – Many IPC companies play the quoting game, but we think our clients deserve to know what they’re paying up front. We’re constantly working to tweak our product pages and shopping cart to best reflect the actual price our buyers will pay when ordering, even for fully-customized systems. Of course, volume orders can have a significant impact on component  costs, so we also make it easy to get in touch with us to discuss pricing details if need-be.

  • Sharable Configurations – We know that many of our clients work on large, interconnected teams that need to make swift decisions about hardware, often without ever speaking directly. We’re launching a shareable configuration tool this week that will allow engineers to create customized systems and then distribute them to their entire leadership team for approval before finalizing their purchase.

  • Parametric Search – With so many systems, components and specifications available on our site, allowing visitors to be as specific as possible in their search parameters is paramount. Parametric search enables users to easily narrow down their choices to only the products that most closely match their ideal criteria.

  • Multiple Pathway Navigation – Unlike a brick and mortar shopping location, there is no “front door” to our website. A homepage offers a convenient starting point, but the page that visitors first see when they arrive on the Logic Supply domain will depend on a wide range of factors. With that in mind, creating ways for customers to find the products they’re looking for as quickly and intuitively as possible ensures that their shopping experience is a pleasant one.

We recognize you can’t do everything online.  So we have a team of Sales Engineers, FAEs, Support Technicians, and Product Managers too.  But we’ve found over the years that engineers are a figure-it-out-for-myself bunch of folks.  So we work hard to put as much information and functionality online as possible.

What else are you looking for on www.onlogic.com?  360 product viewer? JPG upload for self-service branding? A mechanism for testing your software application remotely?  You imagine it, we’ll try to build it.


About the Author: Andrew Swayze

Andrew oversees marketing efforts at Logic Supply. His job is to get the word out about new products and services, as well as keep an eye on the world of Intelligent Systems and the evolving Internet of Things. He has worked in the industrial PC market since 2004.
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