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Logic Supply Welcomed the VT Tech Alliance

This week, Logic Supply was pleased to host a Lunch & Learn session for members of the Vermont Technology Alliance (vtTA), a trade association representing the state’s growing technology sector.  The group is a diverse group of entrepreneurs, small business owners, government officials and other representatives of Vermont’s leading technology companies.

Logic Supply’s CEO, Roland Groeneveld gave a presentation detailing our strategies and culture at Logic Supply. The focus was not so much on what we do but how we do it.

Logic Supply started in 2003, with the premise of maintaining transparency with our customers, suppliers and employees. Internally, the company has an open office environment, distributes financial performance metrics to everyone in the company on a regular basis and has open salary policy.  This is the foundation of the company’s culture of transparency, accountability and the drive to keep improving in all areas.

Equal in importance to Logic Supply’s transparency, is the ability to innovate, in our product lines and the embedded solutions for our customers, as well as in our business practices and processes. Following Roland’s presentation, Ben Anderson-Ray, Principle and Founder of Trinitas Advisors, LLC, an advisor to Logic Supply, delivered a presentation on Building a Culture of Strategy Execution.

Ben provided examples of practical disciplines all businesses can use to align around strategy execution, including the rhythm and flow of meetings and setting priorities. He spoke of the critical nature of developing a dynamic learning cycle for strategy execution to ensure businesses not only accomplish their biggest priorities, or “Rocks,” but to learn along the way and maintain a continuous improvement cycle.

It was great to share some of our story and how we’ve achieved our success to other members of the vtTA. We hope that the workshop was beneficial to all who attended.