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Breaking Boundaries: A 10-Year Transformation

By ·Categories: Technology·Published On: January 8th, 2013·2.5 min read·

In 2003, Logic Supply opened its doors and became one of the first US companies selling Mini-ITX motherboards and related components online.  Since then, we’ve gradually and organically done more.

Logic Supply History

Last year, our Engineering Division grew our in-house product line with well-engineered, high-quality computers and cases that are “designed to be redesigned.” Some highlights:

  • AG150 Atom Fanless Computer – This is a low-profile fanless industrial computer featuring an energy-efficient HD-capable, dual-core Intel Atom processor. The system is mountable on horizontal and vertical surfaces and ideal for space-constrained applications.
  • AG960 Core i Compact Multimedia Computer – Our new NUC-based systems offering rich multimedia functionality in an extraordinarily small Next Unit of Computer form factor. The system is ideal for digital signage, advanced kiosks and compact desktop replacement computing.
  • MC500 Mini-ITX Case – This case is versatile and durable and easy to customize for any application. It offers plenty of cooling and interchangeable faceplates allowing for easy upgrades in an easy-to-mount form factor.
  • CT100 Mountable Open Case – The case is a versatile open case form factor designed for Mini-ITX 3.5” mainboards in an industrial, easily-mountable chassis.
  • MK150 Expandable 1.5U Rackmount Case and MK150-E Expandable Mini-ITX Case – These versatile cases are modular and designed for use with up to four Mini-ITX mainboards and up to six 2.5” hard drives or solid state drives.
  • ML250 Fanless Mini-ITX Case – Compact and easily customizable, this fanless case features excellent thermal management and is an ideal platform for customization and scalable solutions.

We also, in 2012, worked to round out our full OEM service offering.  Frankly, we’ve always worked with customers on configurations, production, and support, but many of our engineering services are new.  And, as we defined the process we use with the larger project customers, we’ve worked to fill in holes and communicate the full solution.

Hardware Services

  • Consultation & System Configuration – We work closely with our clients to determine their specific needs and help them find the right configuration for their application.
  • Service Options – We offer hardware engineering services, branding & labeling, OS development, environmental testing and regulatory testing to be sure our clients project is taken care of from beginning to end.
  • Prototype testing – Because we start with off-the-shelf products we can swiftly get prototypes in the hands of clients for testing.
  • Production – Our experienced system assembly team are capable of handling highly-specific assembly jobs as well as large-volume manufacturing projects all in house.
  • Logistics – With access to a global supply chain we can easily meet price and leadtime requirements.
  • Lifecycle Management – Our carefully selected product line ensures long life-cycles and revision control. We can manage your project throughout the life of your system with ongoing technical support and communication alerting clients of EOL notices, platform upgrades and Product Change Notifications.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your next project by calling 802 761 2300 or emailing sales@logicsupply.com.


About the Author: Katrina VanTyne

My fascination with computers began when I got my first real job with a real desk and a Wang computer. The screen was actually black with green characters. As a life-long writer, I was thrilled because I could type faster than I could write. Technology has obviously evolved since then and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. We’ve come a long way since the Wang computer and I am looking forward to being a part of where we're going.
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